Aalok Healthcare and Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

Medical care is a fundamental right for every human being. Without medical care a person cannot survive for much longer. Without medical care the life of a man will turn into misery. If you look back at the history of humankind then, we will see that many people have died in the past just because they did not get proper medical care.

But with time the statistics have also changed dramatically as the medical care of the world saw new horizons in the last century. In the last 100 years the medical care sector of the world has changed a lot and nowadays doctors can treat almost all kinds of illnesses.

The medical care system of Bangladesh has also reached new boundaries as the public and as well as the private medical sector of Bangladesh developed their services and these days there are a lot of international standard hospitals available in this country. Many mid-range good private hospitals have also emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

The Aalok Healthcare and Hospital is one of the well-known mid-range private hospitals of Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Mirpur-10, Dhaka. The hospital is housed in a five storied building and all the floors have central air conditioning. A total of 150 patients can be admitted into this hospital at the same time. The main purpose is to establish this hospital to ensure people get good medical care at an affordable cost.

Though it is a mid-range hospital, all the modern medical equipment is available in this hospital. This hospital has taken all the measures to help the patients in every way possible. This hospital is up and running 24/7 and it has a dedicated medical team for the emergency unit.

Emergency units are a crying need for most of the hospitals these days. It is true that there are a number of private hospitals available in the country but most of them do not have a dedicated emergency unit. Besides, Alok Healthcare and Hospital Ltd is a hospital where we can find all kinds of modern intensive care units such as ICU, ICCU and CCU.

A hospital which wants to maintain an international standard service in their medical care needs to understand the necessity of a diagnostics center and a modern laboratory and the Alok Healthcare and Hospital Ltd has it all. This hospital has its own diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory. The cost of diagnostics tests is also very much less, if we compare it with the other hospitals of the same caliber.

The hospital also has its own 24/7 ambulance service. Pretty much everything we can ask from a hospital is available here. But only the modern medical machinery cannot ensure the standard of a hospital. If we want to judge the standard of a hospital then we have to judge it on the basis of the people who work here and how qualified they are.

The doctors, surgeons and the other medical staff of the hospital such as the nurses, interns and many other medical staff of this hospital are very much good and have acquired medical degrees from reputed institutes of the country. Alok Healthcare and Hospital Ltd is very much concerned with the people who work here. The hospital management team has only hired those people who have the legitimate degrees in medical science and have a huge amount of experience.

The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital need special attention when we are talking about the manpower of a hospital. The doctors are the backbone of a hospital and the backbone of the Alok Healthcare and Hospital Ltd has a strong backbone without any doubt. To know more about the hospitals of this hospital, you can visit the website of the hospital and there you can find all the necessary details of the doctors and the list of doctors.

This hospital also has an emergency contact number and this number is active 24//7 and the number is: +880-2-48033802.

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