Ad-Din Hospital Test Price List 2023

The test price can be variable in Bangladesh where this institution provides a great deal of diagnosis in Bangladesh. There are different ranges of test prices according to the type of test. To know about the test result, the hospital authority has the custom brochure for your test price. Moreover, there is a list underneath from which you can have an idea about the price of the test. The range would be as close but the final costs are disclosed at personal discretion.

Ad-Din hospitals are renowned for their diagnostic accuracy and excellent healthcare services. They care for the patients ethically and have a great eye for details. Their hospitality includes the privacy of women where applicable. The company started their journey in 1980 from the location of Jessore. Their first building was for a charity and was an orphanage. Later, the found their medical centers or hospitals.

Along with the hospitals, Ad-Dina has also started several medical colleges. Any hospital with adjacent medical colleges is supposed to be a huge plus for the patients to have treatments from there. The medical colleges that are under the umbrella of Ad-Din are Ad-Din Women’s Medical College in Dhaka, Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College in Khulna, Ad-Din Sakina Medical College in Jessore, and Ad-Din Akij Medical College in Khulna. Being under the facility of a medical college and hospital, patients can be treated and observed under the close supervision of expert health practitioners.

Type of the test

There are a few types of tests and in this part, you can know about the types. According to the pattern of the disease, you would be asked to conduct a certain test. This test could only be advised by a professional medical practitioner.

Ad-Din hospital test price list

As said earlier, the price might not be an exact match with the said amount but is supposed to provide you an overview of the test price. The diagnostic centers of Ad-Din is quite convincing in terms of test price.

Test Name Price (Taka/BDT )
Liver Screening 7,490
Orthopedic Check. Price 14,900
Health Check – Premium. Price 14,500
Screeing Male Basic 6,250
Check-Up Moderate 9,750
Neonatal Screening (Basic) 5,000
Check-Up Premium 12,500
Health Check – Moderate 12,000
Rectal Screening 3,490
Breast Screening Package-2 5,690
Health Check-Up (Female Above 40) Moderate. 14,990
Health Check-Up (Female Above 40) Premium 17,500
TUMOR PROFILE (Male) 7,990
COVID Test (International Travel Purposes) 2550
Screeing Male Premium 13,850
Diet & Neutrition Counseling 7,490
Child/Adolescent Health Screening 3,490
Health Check-Up (Female Above 40) Basic 10,990
Diet & Neutrition Counseling 4,490
Health Check-Up (Male/Female – Below 40) Premium 11,000
Screening Female Basic 6,660
Screeinng Female Premium 11,990
Breast Screening Package-3. 7.99
Health Checkup Academic/Visa 10,990
Screening For Smoker/Lung Disease 6,690
Health Check-Up (Male/Female – Below 40) Basic 6,500
Health Check-Up (Male Above 40) Basic 7000
Health Check-Up (Male Above 40) Premium. Price 15,500
Neonatal Screening (Premium). 19,490
Health Check-Up (Male/Female – Below 40) Modrate 8,500
Cardiac Check-Up Basic 7,750
Screeing Male Moderate 9,250
Premarital Screening. 8,490
Breast Screening Package-1 4,690
Thyroid Panel 3,490
Neonatal Screening (Moderate) 8,990
Screening Female Moderate 9,000
Health Check-Up (Male Above 40) Moderate 9,990
COVID Test (General Patient) 3050
Health Check – Basic 4,990


There are several locations of Ad-Din Hospital. The prominent locations are Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Barisal, Bogra, Pabna, Narayanganj, and Comilla.

General concern for patients and people

There is a standard range for a medical practitioner to perform any type of medical guidance and prescription. The doctor should pass the MBBS degree from any accredited medical college of Bangladesh. 

If someone is performing surgery on your body, you should check whether he has a further two years of course study in that particular and individual section or not. This is not applicable to some specific hospital but rather all over the places where you reach to expect some medical or healthcare services.

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