Ahmed Medical Center Limited Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Medical care is one of the fundamental needs of a human being. Like the other fundamental needs, the importance of medicine is beyond imaginable. For that reason, all the governments of the world are putting more and more emphasis on the medical care system of their respective country. Like the rest of the world the government of Bangladesh has taken necessary steps to fulfill the medical needs of our country.

But we all know that in a country like ours the public medical sector is not enough. We need good private medical infrastructure to meet the medical needs of this huge population. Many private groups have noticed the necessity of good private medical care and for that reason they have established a number of international standard private hospitals.

In Bangladesh we can find a lot of high-end medical institutes nation-wide. But the problem is the number of people who can afford these hospitals are very low and that’s why the mid-range private hospitals are the most favorite option among the people of Bangladesh. The Ahmed Medical Center Limited is one of the most prominent mid-range hospitals of Bangladesh.

Ahmed Medical Center Limited Doctor List

This hospital is situated at Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Dhanmondi is one of the poshest areas of Dhaka and most of the hospitals of this neighbourhood are of international standard. Ahmed Medical Center Limited is very popular among the residents of Dhaka. This hospital gained its popularity because the cost of medical treatment is very low here and the quality of treatment is very good.

The Ahmed Medical Center Limited is housed in a seven storied building. Around a total of 250 patients can be admitted into this hospital. All the modern intensive care units the patients want from a hospital are present here. Here you can find ICU, ICCU, NICU and many more units. The Hospital also has an emergency unit and the emergency unit of this particular hospital is open 24/7. To become a hospital of the people’s favorite is a very hard task in these present times.

Nowadays, the patients look for hospitals which can offer them a complete package. Ahmed Medical Center Limited has the ability to offer the patients a complete package. This hospital has its own diagnostics center and laboratory so that the patients can find all the things they need under one roof. Besides, this hospital has all the necessary modern medical equipment needed to run a hospital.

We all know that modern equipment cannot make a hospital great. To become a hospital which is successful the hospital needs to hire good doctors, nurses and technicians. The Ahmed Medical Center Limited has a set of good doctors, nurses and technicians at their disposal. All of them have vast experience in the field of medical care. You can also find quality surgeons in this hospital.

There are a number of departments available in this hospital. All the departments consist of good consultants and surgeons. All the departments also have their own set of nurses and technicians to ensure the quality of the treatment.

Ahmed Medical Center Limited Contact Number

These days the patients are very much serious about their health and they want to know more about the doctors and the hospital before they start receiving their treatment. To meet the demands of the patients the Ahmed Medical Center Limited has established a website and uploaded all the necessary details of the doctors and the hospital in the website.

Via the website the patients can also book an appointment with a doctor too. To go to a hospital just to ask more about the doctors is a mammoth task for most of the people these days as we are becoming busier with the passage of time.

Ahmed Medical Center has also established a call center for the patients. There is a hotline contact number available for this hospital. The patients can call at this contact number whenever they want. This hotline contact number is available 24/7. So, if you have any kind of inquiry related to the hospital or the doctors, you can definitely call at this number. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-2-8113628.

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