Aichi Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

It is really astonishing how far we have come in terms of a civilization. We as a race have thrived over the years and currently, we are living in the age of technology. If we look back at our history, we will see that the world we see today was not always the same. We have molded nature according to our needs and invented many new things so that our life can become easier and more enjoyable. Especially in the last few years we have accomplished a lot. In all the sectors of our lives we have thrived in the last few years more than other times.

Due to the invention of new technology and the application of these new technologies in our daily lives has made a major change. These days we can do a lot of things without getting out of our homes, in fact we can do a lot of things and meet with all the people we want from our bed if we want to.

We can also book airplane tickets for the airplane from our homes, order food online and we can do many other things which we were not able to do before. With the emergence of technologies, the entire medical sector has also changed. These days, the doctor can even perform some of the surgeries without any kind of bloodshed or cutting. This thing is only possible these days as we have modern technology by our side.

Most of the countries around the world have changed their medical sector to an advanced one and like all the other developed countries Bangladesh is also trying to cope up with all the other countries. It is true that Bangladesh has gained new heights in the medical sector. Bangladesh is a country which has acquired the status of a developing country a few years back and in a very short amount of time Bangladesh has created a very good medical sector.

Bangladesh has a lot of good public hospitals around the country but the main problem is the population. Bangladesh has a huge population and it is almost impossible for the government to provide medical care for all the people of the country. That’s why the people of Bangladesh had felt the necessity of good private medical care and for that reason, many new world-class hospitals have emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh in the last few years.

The Aichi Hospital Ltd is a private hospital of Bangladesh. It is situated at Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This hospital started its journey a few years back and in a very short period of time this hospital gained a lot of respect and popularity for its service. This is a fully modernized hospital which has all the modern medical equipment that a hospital needs these days.

All kinds of modern units that hospitals should have these days are also available here. ICU, CCU, ICCU and all the other kinds of intensive care units are also available here. This hospital is housed in a 10 storied building. This hospital also has a fully functional emergency unit. This emergency unit has 50 beds and the total bed count of this hospital is around 300 which makes it one of the largest private hospitals in the entire country.

This hospital has a number of high-end operation theaters and a diagnostics center. We all know that the diagnostics center plays a very crucial role in modern-day medical care. But the doctors are the most important factor when we are talking about a hospital. All the doctors who work in this hospital have a very good reputation and these doctors are one of the best in Dhaka city. Some of the doctors who work here also have foreign degrees. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very much experienced and they know how to handle the pressure.

If you want to contact the hospital then, try out this number: +88-01748-488559.

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