Aklima General Hospital LTD Doctor List and Contact Number

Without the support of good medical care, how many days an ill man can survive is a big question. Any disease can be deadly if not treated properly. If we look at the history then we will see that there are incidents recorded in the pages of history when a lot of people died from many diseases which we do not fear very much today like Black Fever, Dengue, Asthma and many others.

But the main reason we do not fear these illnesses anymore is because we know the proper treatment of these diseases and the modernization in the medical sector of the world has made it easy for us to get cured. It is the modern medical science which does not let us think about these diseases.

There is no doubt that the medical sector of the whole world has changed a lot in the last few decades and these days we can treat almost all kinds of illnesses. These days we have a lot of things in our hands to take these illnesses lightly. We have medication, vaccines and many other things which can help us to live a healthy life.

But when we talk about the healthcare industry the first thing that comes to our mind is the hospitals. Hospitals are one of the most important infrastructures of modern-day society. As the days are passing by, the demand and the necessity of good hospitals are increasing all around the globe. Likewise in Bangladesh many new private hospitals have emerged to fulfill the medical needs of the people of Bangladesh.

The Aklima General Hospital is one of those hospitals which have emerged recently in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. This hospital is located at Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is a mid-range private hospital. In a six storied building the hospital is housed and the patient admitting capacity of the hospital is around 150.

This hospital is very much recognized by the people who live in Mirpur or nearby the area. This hospital was founded upon the view that it will serve all classes of people and it will ensure good quality treatment at a very low cost. This hospital has served a lot of people in the last few years with success.

Aklima General Hospital has most of the important features we expect from a hospital these days. Such as the intensive care units. All kinds of intensive care units are available in this hospital such as: ICU, CCU, NICU and many others. But this hospital does not have any kind of emergency care unit available to them. Though an emergency care unit is an essential thing to have for any kind of hospital, most of the hospitals in Bangladesh do not possess any kind of emergency unit. Aklima General Hospital has its 24/7 available ambulance service for their patients. This hospital has a number of departments and all the departments consist of a number of good doctors.

The doctors of this hospital are good enough and have a very good record of treating patients. Most of the doctors of this hospital are qualified from the well-known medical colleges of the country. The doctors of Aklima General Hospital are not the best in the country but they are capable of treating patients in a quite good manner. To know more about the doctors, visit the website of the hospital and there you can find all the details about the doctors. You can also book an appointment via the website.

The other medical staff of the hospital are very capable and have vast experience in the field of medical science. Only the doctors cannot take care of the patients all the time and to run a hospital successfully, the hospital needs to hire a number of people other than the doctors and Aklima General Hospital Ltd have hired the good ones.

Patients expect the hospitals to have an emergency contact number where the patients can call 24/7 and for that reason, the Aklima General Hospital has its own emergency helpline and the number is: +880- 1749-860848.

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