Al Haramain Hospital Sylhet Doctor List 2023

Al Haramain Hospital Private Limited is an acclaimed hospital in Sylhet. The hospital can accommodate 250 patients at once. The hospital is a sister concern of the world-famous Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies. The address of the hospital is Kazi Tower, Samata-30, Chali Bandar, Bishwa Road, Subhani Ghat, Sylhet.

The hospital contains all kinds of support to treat almost any disease. The hospital has been designed to provide world-class treatment to patients. The organization is eying to expand and make a 500-bed hospital to facilitate more patients. Simply put, the hospital has gained more popularity which has resulted in a higher number of patients.

To obtain the list of the doctors, you can call the authority of the hospital. You can contact them through the hotline number of the hospital. The hotline number of Al Haramain Hospital Sylhet is 10607. The hotline number is available 24X7 for your convenience. You also can call an ambulance through the hotline number.

There are a couple of service phone numbers for the hospital as well. The cell phone or mobile number of the hospital is 01931-225555. The service land phone number of the hospital is 0821-729981. If you are unable to reach the hospital’s other phone numbers or want to call the land phone, you can either dial it from your cell phone or your land phone. The hospital is well attentive to their emails. You can send them a query or suggestion through their email address which is, <<>>

You can find high-quality service and hospitality all around the hospital and across all the parameters. The hospital has a world-class modular operation theater for which the equipment had been shipped from Europe and America. To support special conditions the hospital has CCU (Critical Care Unit) and post-operative wards. If you be there for your treatment, you should feel yourself in safe hands as the hospital specializes in surgery.

You can feel relaxed about hygiene as the support team is highly dedicated to serving their best with intent. The hospital contains a centralized sterilization unit to secure the equipment. While the waiting period can bring more fatigue, there are luxurious waiting rooms and a cafeteria for your convenience. You can also order food at your bed from the hospital cafeteria.

The hospital simultaneously has arranged a medical college and nursing institute for serving the nation with quality healthcare treatment in the future. While serving humans in the medical sector is a noble profession, the students should be and are ethical in their services. If you are suffering from a serious disease and have run out of convenience, you should ask for a kind rebate.

Moreover, you have the ability to reach a Government hospital as well. The first and foremost thing to save your expenditure is to take proper care of your health. Though a single aspect can not take care of all of your diseases but a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can help you maintain your health balance.

Remember to teach your children to take adequate care of their health from the beginning. Although you should remember that the brain of your children fully develops within five years. It gets the full shape within a three-year period and the development occurs till they are five. As it is one of the most vital aspects of your child, you should remember to treat them with an adequate amount of protein on a regular basis up to this age limit.

If you keep them lacking protein in the beginning, they might suffer from dementia or other diseases. If you can not buy fish and meat regularly, you can feed them eggs within a low budget. Instead of feeding them only rice, feed them khichuri or hotchpotch which contain pulses that have protein inside.

It is a friendly reminder that prevention or precaution from diseases can save you a lot of costs. As concerned parents or citizens, we spend properly on treatment when it is necessary but a gentle concern about family health can make develop health aspects and save the hassle of diseases.

Moreover, you can maintain a clean household that results in less amount of mosquitos, pests, and microorganisms. Most of our fatal diseases occurred by viruses. While many diseases are concerned with bacteria and fungi but they are easily curable while virus-related diseases are hard to treat. You have to rely on your immunity and mostly on antibiotics in this case.

White blood cells are correlated with the immunity of our body. If you have a healthy body, your blood is supposed to contain enough white blood cells that can resist viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If the invasion of these is thorough, an outbreak of the limit can cause your disease. In this part, the viruses are the most tricky subject because they can fool the white blood cells and can act like immunity material individually. If the invaded virus is tricky, it can multiply in numbers within a quick span and cause fatal disease. A nutritious diet balance and proper exercise is the key to getting a resistant body.

On top of these aspects, let your children play outdoors. This can boost their mental health, provide them with physical activity, and lets them concentrate on their study. While letting them attached to a cell phone can give them some sort of entertainment but can make their body more vulnerable to diseases, hamper their eyesight, and make them shortsighted.

A healthy quantity of vegetables and fruits is necessary for their health as well. Nutrition balance and immunity are unsuccessful without a proper balance of calories, protein, vitamins, and micronutrients. Vegetables and fruits are rich in micronutrients. Micronutrients are required only for a small amount but fulfilling the amount is crucial. Finding a nutrition balance might be confusing to many. So professional advice from a nutritionist or doctor can bring a solution.

Yes, the precautionary measures are many but it definitely less than the worth of your medical cost and your health. It is also good news for you that, you can manage a healthy and nutritious diet at a small amount of cost and with local ingredients. You can buy seasonal fruits and vegetables originating from our country to make your food ingredients budget-friendly.

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