Al Helal Specialized Hospital Dhaka Doctor List and Contact Number

Medical care is a fundamental right for every human being. No matter what your race is or what ethnicity a person belongs to he/she definitely has the right to get proper medical care. Human rights activists have identified a number of rights as the fundamental rights of human beings and medical care is one of them.

We as a race have come a long way since the beginning of human history. If we analyze the history of the medical care system of our world, we will see that the modern medical care system is very advanced and nowadays doctors can treat almost all kinds of diseases. But this has not always been the case. In the past people have died from fever and these days the doctors can also cure cancer.

Around the world many world class hospitals have emerged in the medical care system of the world. Like the rest of the branches of science, the medical care sector has also evolved much. In Bangladesh the medical care sector has also evolved much in the last few years. Nowadays, in Dhaka we can find international standard hospitals and these hospitals can really provide the service like any world class hospitals.

With these high-end luxurious hospitals many mid-range private hospitals have also emerged in the medical scene of Bangladesh. The Al Helal Specialized Hospital is one the best mid-range hospitals in Bangladesh. So, now a question can appear in one’s mind: what is a mid-range hospital? Mid-range hospitals are hospitals where the patients can get good medical care service at a very affordable cost and the housing capacity of the hospital is not that much high.

Al Helal Specialized Hospital is located at Begum Rokeya Sarani, Mirpur-10, Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and most of the well-known hospitals of the country are situated here in Dhaka. Dhaka is the main treatment hub of Bangladesh. Mirpur is an emerging neighborhood of the country and the population count of this particular area is increasing day by day. With the increasing population, the agglomerative capabilities of this particular area are also increasing.

So, it is evident that the demand for good medical service in this area will increase with the passage of time. In a fourteen storied building this hospital is housed and the bed count of this private hospital is more than 250 which makes it one of the largest private hospitals in the country. The hospital was founded back in 1997 but the hospital officially started its operations back in 1998. This hospital has treated and helped a lot of patients since then.

This hospital is highly equipped with all the modern medical equipment and machineries. This hospital is also a joint venture of Canada. From the first day, the main motto of this hospital was to provide high-end medical care service at a very low cost. State of the art medical equipment and technology is also available in this hospital. All the operation theaters of this hospital are up to date. This hospital has a 24/7 available emergency unit and a diagnostics center. The diagnostics center of the hospital is of international standard and all kinds of diagnostics tests can be done here. The cost of diagnostics tests in this hospital is also very low.

The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital are well qualified and have acquired their medical degree from all the well-known medical teaching institutes of Bangladesh. Some of the doctors and the surgeons also have foreign degrees. All the details about the doctors a patient needs these days are all available on this hospital’s website. So, if you want to see a doctor from this hospital or want any kind of service from the hospital then you surely need to go to the website of this hospital.

The hospital has also established a 24/7 helpline call center where the patients can call whenever they want and fulfill their queries. The contact number of the hospital is: +88-02-9008181.

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