AL Manar Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Al Manar Hospital is a well-known name to the people of Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi in Dhaka. People from other parts of the country also know the name Al-Manar Hospital. Al-Manar Hospital is a medium standard hospital of Bangladesh. This hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Mohammadpur region of Dhaka.

It is a known thing to all that the Mohammadpur region is a densely populated area of Dhaka. Most of the people who live in this area are mostly middle class and deep down their heart they wanted a hospital which would have all the modern facilities but will cost much less.

AL Manar Hospital Dhanmondi

Al-Manar Hospital is situated at the Satmosjid road, Dhaka. The hospital is housed in a 12 storied building. All kinds of cabins and almost all kinds of modern medical care systems are available in the building. The main theme of the hospital is to provide international standard medical care to all the individuals. The hospital also has a lot of departments available to its disposal.

All the departments have well-experienced doctors and medical staff to attend to the patient’s medical needs. The bed count of the hospital is around 350. There is also an accident and emergency center available in the hospital. This hospital also has its own diagnostics center. The diagnostics center and the laboratory of the hospital is of international standard. A diagnostics center and a laboratory are two must have things for any hospital nowadays.

The Al-Manar Hospital is a subsidiary of the Al-Manar group. The Al-Manar group is a well-known business group of Bangladesh. This group has a number of business industries all over the country. In the middle of the year 2013 the Al-Manar group started the establishment of their own hospital and the hospital started its journey at the end of 2013.

AL Manar Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Since the opening of the hospital, it has served medical care to a huge number of patients. Bangladesh is a country where most of the people live below the poverty line and the increasing demand of affordable medical care is increasing as the days are passing by. For that reason, the Al-Manar Hospital Ltd has become an iconic center of excellence in terms of medical care.

Gynecology, cardiology, dental, orthopedics, diabetic, neurology, you name it, all kinds of medical care is available in this hospital. The success rate of surgery is above 95% here. All the departments of the hospital are under high maintenance and have an experienced doctor who manages a department. Besides the doctors, many other things are needed to run a hospital successfully these days.

Such as modern medical machinery, a dedicated team of nurses and technicians are needed. The Al-Manar Hospital has all the things at its disposal. In these years of service, the Al-Manar Hospital never has been fined for any kind of issues. There is another thing which made the hospital favorite among the people, which is that the hospital also provides online help to its patients whenever they need them.

AL Manar Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

It is very much common among the patients these days to know about a hospital and its doctors before the patients see a consultant. This culture is very much common among the Bangladeshi patients also. That’s why the Al-Manar Hospital has created their own website and there a patient can find all the necessary things about the doctors.

When the doctors see patients, the area of expertise of the doctors, which doctor is suitable for you and many other things are provided on the website of the hospital. So, if you are interested to see a doctor at this hospital then just go to the website of the Al-Manar Hospital. In the website you can find all the things you want to know. The website is very simple to use and very interactive.

The Al-Manar Hospital also has some hotline contact numbers. The hotline contact number is very important for the hospitals these days. The patients can fulfill their queries by calling at these numbers. The contact number of the Al-Manar Hospital is: +880-1550-020885, +880-1550-020871.

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