Alok Hospital Mirpur 10 Doctor List

Aalok Healthcare is a renowned medical facility in Dhaka. The hospital is situated in a much-dense location and a united area of Dhaka called Mirpur. The official address of the hospital is House # 1 & 3, Block- B, Mirpur- 10, Dhaka. The hospital has a mammoth reputation for its quality healthcare services and you have it inbound to get treated from the hospital within a friendly convenience.

To know the list of doctors, you have to call the hospital facility’s phone number. The hotline number of the hospital is 10672. The landline numbers of the hospital are +880248035051 and +880248033802. You can also contact them easily via their cell phone number which is 01715448491 and 01919224895. For a detailed and continuous conversation, you can email them at their address which is <<>>.

You can expect all the necessary diagnoses and treatments from the hospital. The doctors of the hospital are highly professional and deep at their expertise. The whole environment is clean and hygiene is fully maintained. You can have your medications from the medical store which is situated inside the premises. The ambulances and OPD are available all around the clock for everyone’s convenience.

Health Concern (Measles)

Measles is a viral disease which was a pretty common disease in the past. The medical sector’s development has gone a long way to develop a fully effective vaccine against the disease. This disease has nearly disappeared for those who get a vaccination at an early age.


The disease (Measles) appears with a high-end fever and dry cough or runny nose. It might appear like a standard cold or viral fever but the key symptoms include rashes or blotches on the skin. Few rashes are found even inside the mouth as well. Some patients might have a sore throat and also conjunctivitis.

Associated Problems

The victim of the disease generally develops diarrhea and vomiting while they lose a lot of water from the body. The disease also implicates several infections and inflammation. Swelling of airways is commonly observed. These lead to bronchitis and ear infections also. Measles causes pneumonia as well. The disease sometimes causes encephalitis which is a swelling of the brain. If affected, pregnant mothers might face miscarriage or fetal death.

Care of The Patient

The patient should be kept in complete rest. A regular gargle with salt water is handy. Also, the patient has to take a lot of fluids. Vitamin A supplements are also encouraged to provide to the patients.

How Someone Can Be Affected

The disease is caused by rubeola virus. An exposure to the virus for 10 to 14 days can cause the disease. The disease itself is highly contagious. If someone is already affected by the problem, that individual’s cough drop or saliva can spread the disease as well.


The most appreciated thing is to treat newborns with the measles vaccine. Nonetheless, a global reclamation of 2,00,000 deaths are being reported each year.

In general, ibuprofen or paracetamol is prescribed to almost all the patients. Moreover, antibiotics are also recommended for the patients who are affected. The antibiotic might not be stopping the infection directly but is supposed to depreciate the rate of spreading of the disease.

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