Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital – AMCGH Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

In this present age of technology and the internet men have conquered a lot of things. We are maybe the most advanced human kind ever existed on planet earth. Doctors and scientists have also made our lives easier and the average life expectancy around the world is more than before.

The life expectancy of people has increased as the medical care system of the whole world has been improved by much. A lot of people have died from many illnesses that we do not fear that much in the present age. Most of the people around the world these days have access to good medical care. But this was not always the case.

Most of the people around the world did not have access to good medical care. But with the passage of time our medical science has gained new heights and these days we can treat almost all kinds of diseases. But there are a few diseases which we can not fight even today and cancer is one of those diseases. Cancer is a very deadly disease and the patients who suffer from this disease need special kind of medical attention. For that reason, these days we can find a number of hospitals around the world which are specialized in cancer treatment.

Like the rest of the world, in Bangladesh there are some specialized cancer hospitals. Bangladesh has realized the importance of good medical care and that’s why in the last few years, the medical sector of Bangladesh has gone through huge improvements. There are some hospitals in Bangladesh which are also specialized in treating cancer patients. The Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital is one of those hospitals. In the last few years this hospital has treated more than 500,000 people nationwide. This hospital has become a landmark in terms of medical care.

Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital is situated at sector 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. This hospital is one of the biggest private hospitals in the entire country. This hospital can admit around 350 patients at any given moment. This hospital is unique as it is a specialized hospital for cancer patients and at the same time it is also a general hospital. All kinds of modern medical facilities can be found in this hospital. This hospital started its journey back in 2010 and from that time on the reputation of this hospital only grew.

This hospital has its 24/7 available emergency unit, 24/7 available ambulance service and many other kinds of services. There are also a number of intensive care units available here. For the cancer patients this hospital offers many kinds of therapies at a very low price. The treatment cost of this hospital is very much affordable. But the service of the hospital is top-class. Ahsania Mission Hospital is not only a hospital, it is a legacy to follow for the hospitals which are thinking about opening a cancer unit.

The cancer unit of the Ahsania Mission Hospital is of international standards. All kinds of modern medical equipment are available here. This unit has its own diagnostic unit and the hospital has a total of two diagnostic centers. The cancer unit of the Ahsania Mission Hospital is one of the best and one of the largest in Bangladesh. The doctors who work in this hospital are also one of the best in the country.

Most of the doctors who work in this hospital have foreign medical degrees. The doctors who work in the cancer unit are all consultants. The surgeons of this hospital have a very good track record in terms of surgery. Most of the people who work in this hospital are very much decent and professional. To know more about the doctors who work here just go to the website of the hospital. From the website you can also fix an appointment.

This hospital also has an emergency contact number and the number is: +88-02-55092196.

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