Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Doctor List

Anwar Khan Modern Hospital is a distinct healthcare service provider in Bangladesh. The premises is located at Dhanmondi which is a prestigious location in Dhaka. Dhanmondi is an eminent residential place and a huge number of residing people keep faith in the medical services of Anwar Khan Modern Hospital.

The postal address of Anwar Khan Modern Hospital is, Holding number-7, Road number-8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Also, if you want the list of doctors, you can simply get connected to the hospital over the phone. There are a couple of dedicated phone numbers which are open 24 hours for your convenience. The phone numbers are 58616074 and 223361213.

On top of these, the hospital has a devoted hotline number for special services and is ready to respond at any given moment. The hotline number is 10652. Also, there is another hotline service number for emergencies which is 09678010652.

If you have any recommendations about their services or want to know about some detail about their service, you have the option to send them an email to their official email address. The official email address of the hospital is <<>>

The hospital is a complete one with all the medical facilities available within their complex. The hospital can accommodate a huge number of 750 patients at once. The whole premises is spread around an area of 75 decimal of lands. The hospital is well-equipped with world-class medical appliances. With all the wards and cabins combined, there are 750 beds available for providing a high level of medical treatment.

The hospital facility has seven storied buildings all across. All the doctors of the hospital are specialists in their field. The total workforce of the hospital is 200 people. This includes the doctors, nurses, medical experts, lab assistants, hospital attendees, and the management team. The institute is determined to provide quality treatment to the patients and thus only appoints renowned health experts. It is mandatory for all nurses as well to have a professional diploma degree in nursing.

Medical treatments are quite baseless without proper diagnostic services. This brings forth the requirement for diagnostic centers. With the huge number of clients, it is a significant value for the hospital to provide diagnosis services at their premises. The hospital provides a wide range of test services under their umbrella thus relieving the hassle of many. The following diagnosis services are available.

  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Hematology Tests
  • Cytology and Biochemistry tests
  • Electrolyte tests
  • DNA tests
  • Histopathology tests
  • Microbiology tests
  • Color doppler, ECG, ETT
  • X-Ray
  • 4D USG, ERCP
  • Hormone tests
  • FNAC and mammographic tests

These are just generic names and each of the names contains numeric tests under the headings. The motto of the hospital is not to provide treatment for commercial purposes but to help people who are in need of treatment. Anwar Khan Modern Hospital is known as the first full-fledged Corona treatment hospital in Bangladesh.

The hospital authority has taken strides forward not just with generic treatment but also with research and development. This is the key factor of development in any scientific section around the globe. The research brings further development to the sector, especially to the medical sector. Also, a trait of research can help develop a further medicine or treatment of a specific kind of disease or aberration.

There are above 40 medical service sections available in the hospital. These include general health services along with special services like radiation oncology, rheumatology, radiology, imaging, sinology, etc.

The hospital is not limited to providing only but also has expanded its region to nursing training and healthcare training. The hospital has an additional medical college which are supporting the nation with high-quality doctors. The nature of the organization is on the rising scale and is supposed to open a couple of more medical colleges in Dhaka. The other two locations of future medical colleges are Uttara and Mirpur.

Not only limited to the Dhaka division but also the hospital authority is thinking to widen their medical services around the country. The other selected locations are Dinajpur, Chittagong, and Chandpur.

Car and vehicle parking is another reasonable concern for citizens of Dhaka city. The spaces are well crowded but the parking spaces are quite limited. The hospital provides a basement parking lot for the clients. Along with this, there is also a general parking area available for people. The whole complex has nine isolated lifts for movement. All the lifts are power-backed by custom generators.

The hospital also has an ambulance service ready to dispatch at any given moment. To avail the services of an ambulance, you can just dial their hotline number or any of the helpline numbers to call an ambulance at your location.

The security of the hospital is well taken care of. The site is well maintained and observed by close circuit cameras which are governed by the security members of the hospital. Also, the OPD department and the emergency service are open for non-stop service.

The whole indoor unit is centrally air-conditioned to help with the best comfort of the patients and all the other attending members. The patients are treated here with great care by the nurses and doctors. All the caregivers take reports of the patients in a chronic manner.

The food for the patients is ensured by the central cafeteria. You can also have fresh water from the hospital which is a greater concern for many. The test prices and medical charges are quite convenient. Though, if you face some financial problems, the hospital authority is quite generous. They can also grant you a financial commission on the nature of your financial scarcity. Though, you should not take it for granted and rather should ask or apply to the hospital authority to let them know about your problem.

If you are residing outside the region of Dhaka, you should look for a Government hospital or Government treatment center. Though, if you are enough solvent in your financial features, you can take the liberty to get high-class treatment from recognized hospitals like Anwar Khan Medical College Hospital.

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