Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Ltd Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

In the last few years many new private hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh and some of the hospitals among these are one of the best in the entire country. The patients of Bangladesh have to suffer a lot in the past just because of the lack of private hospitals in the past.

But the private medical industry of Bangladesh has gone through a huge change in the last few decades and nowadays we can find out a number of high-end private hospitals in the country. The number of people going abroad just to seek medical treatment has been reduced in the last few years.

The Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Ltd is one of the best private hospitals of Bangladesh. This is a very well-known hospital of Bangladesh. There is a chain of hospitals in the capital of Bangladesh which is run by the Anwar Khan group. The Anwar Khan Group also owns a private medical college in the heart of Dhaka city. The name Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Ltd is a brand name in the field of modern medical science in Bangladesh.

Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Ltd Dhanmondi Doctor List

Anwar Khan Modern Hospital is also a name of trust for most of the people in Bangladesh. The best thing about this hospital is it tries to update its treatment whenever it can. It is one of the oldest private hospitals in Bangladesh but the standard of the hospital never decreased over the years.

It is a very difficult job to become one of the most popular private hospitals in Bangladesh. As we all know that Bangladesh is a developing country and most of the people here cannot afford any kind of medical treatment just because of their financial condition. For that reason, the Anwar Khan Modern Hospital was created so that all the people of the country can get medical attention at a very affordable cost. This hospital has fulfilled its promise and helped a lot of patients over the years.

All the things nowadays the patients expect from an international standard hospital are present here. From high-tech operation theaters to all the modern machinery of medical science are present here. The location of the hospital also makes it one of the popular hospitals in Bangladesh without any doubt. This hospital can house a total of 250 patients at any given time.

There are also a lot of ICU, ICCU and other intensive care units available in the hospital. There is also a diagnostics center available in the hospital. The test results of the diagnostics center are 100% accurate and this diagnostics center takes very less time than the other ones. The campus of the Anwar Khan Modern Medical College is beside the hospital and for that reason the interns of this hospital are well educated and know how to deal with a patient. The medical college is a subsidiary of the main hospital.

The doctors of this hospital are one of the best in Bangladesh and there is no doubt. A hospital which has a reputation like the Anwar Khan Modern Hospital has to have the best doctors for sure. The doctors of this hospital have completed their medical degrees from reputed medical teaching institutions of Bangladesh. All the doctors also have foreign degrees from world famous medical universities.

Anwar Khan Modern Hospital Ltd Dhanmondi Contact Number

To know more about the doctors, you have to go to the website of the Anwar Khan Modern Hospital. In the website the patients or anyone can find all the information related to the doctors and the hospital. There is also an option for online appointment booking for the patients. So, if you want to know more about the doctors then you know where to go.

Anwar Khan Modern Hospital is a hospital which knows all about the patients’ needs and that’s why the hospital has also established hotline numbers where the patients can call 24/7 for any kind of assistance, complaint and many other things. These kinds of hotline contact numbers are very much needed for any kind of enterprise these days. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-2-58616074.

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