Apollo Hospital Dhaka Test Price List 2023

Apollo Hospitals is an international hospital. The Bangladesh branch is situated in Basundhara, a luxurious area of the capital of Bangladesh. The organization is solely dedicated to provide healthcare services and maintains European standards in their services. They have the same lab testing pieces of equipment that are present in the hospitals of European countries. They provide a world-class standard of healthcare. Due to this reason, people from all over the country take services from the Apollo hospital. The patients are treated with great care and hospitality here.

The headquarter of Apollo is situated in Chennai, India. It is one of the trusted hospitals throughout all the regions. The corporation holds the facilities of diagnostic centers, healthcare, and pharmacy services. The also move along with the subsidiary services for the patients’ benefit. 

Apollo hospital Dhaka test price list

Apollo hospital provides accurate diagnostic reports in most diagnostic sections. Very high-quality of hospitality, services, lab equipment, renowned location, effective manpower, and experienced doctors are supposed to cost a bit more in general. For this reason, the test prices can be a little bit on the higher side than the average hospitals or government hospitals.

You can relate the price of tests from other articles and can count a sub-minimal 10% to 25% higher test price than other institutions. To find your designated or advised test, you can search it by name on our website and get an overview of the test price in Apollo hospital Dhaka. The common and available tests found in this hospital are listed beneath.

Test Name
Influenza Antigen test
Allergy Tests
Stool Culture test
Complete Blood Count
Kidney Function tests
Thyroid Function tests
Hepatitis Antigen test for A, B, etc.
Urine Culture tests
Total Protein test
Tests For Blood Glucose
Bilirubin test
Bone Density
Liver Function tests
Serum Vit B12
Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Test (Vdrl Test)
CT Scan

The research and education sections

Apollo hospital is the first medical institution to successfully complete autologous stem cell transplantation in Bangladesh. Though, the main success of a healthcare group is to take a part in the advancement of research. Though the organization started its journey with a non-profit perspective and later stabilized training institutions.

The innovations and research results came from these institutions and found advancement in the clinical trial of medicines. The first voyage started in the year 2000 and is now a proud organization with 17 high-class institutions worldwide.

The reporting system

Any patient who has done the paperwork, appeared in screening or provided the sample can obtain the test result in person. Though, in recent times the organization provides online reports to the patients. Each patient is appointed with their respective credentials and the reports could be found online. There is an online portal of Apollo hospital and any of the patients can login with their credentials.

Upon logging in, the reports would be shown to the patients. Though most of the online reports are granted and fully functional. But few tests like CT scan, X-Ray, MRI need a hard copy of the film. To satisfy this reason, it is better for the individual to take the report from the institute in person.

The healthcare facility

Expert and experienced doctors are available constantly in the facility. For this, many of the patients prefer to find the report at the premises and get prescribed from the doctor at the same time.

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