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Asgar Ali Hospital is a famed hospital in the city of Dhaka. This is situated in the Puran Dhaka region (Old Dhaka) region and is a great facility at that place. This hospital serves in multidiscipline regarding healthcare. This hospital is an establishment of City Group, Bangladesh, and a standardized hospital to serve the people of a reputed area of Dhaka. Also, a lot of people from different regions of Bangladesh come here for their treatment.

The foundation of Asgar Ali Hospital started after the liberation war of Bangladesh when it was a crying need for people to save them from a lot of diseases. The premises was first set up in 1972 and it was a great facility in the medical sector back then.

If you need the doctor list of Asgar Ali Hospital, you can dial any of their contact numbers and have the list from one of their executives. Furthermore, you can also send them an email asking for the list of their doctor. For your best interest, the telephone number and cell phone number of Asgar Ali Hospital is listed here. The telephone number of this medical institute is +880247443135-48. If you can not reach them on their landline number, you can also dial their cell phone number which is +8801787683333.

Though the system of using a fax machine is relatively old but the hospital also has a fax number where you can reach them. The fax number of Asgar Ali Hospital is  +880247443149. It has been a recent tradition in the healthcare sector to keep a hope line open for many of the people who are dealing with a severe problem or have a mental problem. In case of need for these people, there is a dedicated hope line has been established by Asgar Ali Hospital and the hope line number is 10602.

The hospital is not a small-time hospital or a meager one. It has an 11 storied building which is all equipped and dedicated to serving the people in the medical sector. The hospital can facilitate the accommodation of 350 people at once and has 350 beds for serving general patients.

There are very few hospitals in Bangladesh which follow the protocol named International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG) and Asgar Ali Hospital (AAH) is one of them. It is a procedure through which the maintenance or service teams can save the surgery patients from a lot of risks. It is simply few regulation steps but can save the life of many patients while they are being undergone the surgery. The process is focused on the safety of surgery. It includes proper communication, availability of high-alert medicines, infection control throughout the surgery unit and securing the safety precautions all over.

The hospital also maintains TQM (Total Quality Management) to secure the healthcare safety of a patient and a strong step taken in the conservation of comprehensive infections or microorganisms. The hospital has an in-built capacity for fighting against fire when necessary and has proper precautions for safety in this measure. Also, the building has been built with security measures to have safety against earthquakes or any other possible natural calamities.

Mobility is a problem in the capital city of Dhaka and patients need prior time before reaching the hospital. To save the time of patients of people, you have the opportunity to book a schedule before you see a doctor. You can call any of their executives and they can help you with this aspect.

If you need more information about the doctors, you can visit their online website for a list of doctors. You can also email them in detail to let them know about the nature of the disease or aberration or problem. The authority is quite sincere in replying to you within a quick time span. The email id of Ali Asgar Hospital is <>

The hospital has a wide appointment of a quality workforce. The doctors of the facility are highly experienced, professional, and experts in their field. The lab assistants and nurses are dedicated to providing the patients with great care and taking necessary reports on the health conditions of the patients chronically. The doctors also see the conditions of patients on a regular basis.

It is the hospitality of a facility that does have a remark in your heart for a long time. The private hospitals of Bangladesh along with the Asgar Ali Hospital do provide you with a warm welcome and conviviality. The hospital has disclosed another nature of its care on its official page and this is definitely a positive note. Their area of interest includes “Touch of Human”, which is touching the patient gently with care by the doctors and nurses. This gives inner strength to the patients. This is totally an unrevealed area of healthcare, especially in Bangladesh. But it definitely has a positive impact on the patient while they are within a surgery of patient bed.

There is also a special care unit in this hospital to dispense acute care while in an emergency. All these facilities make this hospital a specialized hospital and a suitable one at a convenient price. Just make sure that while taking medical care, see a relevant doctor for the best nature of your care.

If you have an emergency, you can also book an ambulance for your transport. This can save a life in many cases. Moreover, there are specially designed ambulances that do have additional support for cardiac patients. As cardiac patients are prone to quick damage, these ambulances do have primary attributes to support them while the patient is on the road.

It should be a priority of our nation to secure the passages for ambulances and let them reach their destination in quick succession. This is a traditional practice throughout the country but the capital city is lagging a little bit behind. To support this cause, the transporters should show sympathy to those severely ill patients.

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