Bangladesh ENT Hospital Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

It is a matter of fact that the medical sector of Bangladesh has come a long way. In the past there were not enough private hospitals in this densely populated country. The public hospitals of this country are always full to the brim. Back then it was really a daydream to look for an international private hospital or to find a specialized hospital. But the situation has changed a lot in the last few decades.

With the rest of the world the medical sector of Bangladesh has also changed a lot. Nowadays we can find a number of private specialized and international standard hospitals in Bangladesh. The ENT Hospital of Bangladesh is one of the finest specialized private hospitals of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh ENT Hospital is a specialized hospital for the treatment of ear, nose and throat. It is also one of the oldest specialized hospitals for ENT in Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi. The name Bangladesh ENT Hospital is known to most of the people of Bangladesh for its quality services. This hospital was established back in 1997.

Bangladesh ENT Hospital Doctor List

The campus of the hospital is around 14,300 sq. ft. and the whole building is centrally air-conditioned. The role of this hospital in our country is very huge as it is the most advanced ENT hospital of the country. This hospital has all the necessary things we try to find in a hospital these days. Over the years this hospital has updated itself with the passage of time and hired only the best consultants available out there.

To run a hospital with success is a huge task these days as the hospital needs to be updated on a regular basis with modern equipment. The hospital also has a set of experienced doctors and surgeons available to them. A bunch of well-trained nurses and technicians are also available in this hospital. All these factors played a huge part behind the success of this hospital. The Bangladesh ENT Hospital has many other key features of a hospital. This hospital has a 24/7 available ambulance service.

All kinds of modern intensive care units are also available in this hospital like ICU, NICU and ICCU. This hospital possesses a number of high-end operation theaters and what not. We all know that the diagnostics centers are very much important for a hospital these days and for that reason the Bangladesh ENT Hospital has established its own diagnostics center available to them.

Another thing which played a huge part behind the success of this hospital is the cost of treatment. The medical care expense of this hospital is pretty low. But the service of this hospital is top-notch and is of international level. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of treatment in this hospital. There are a total of 250 beds available in this hospital and this hospital also has a fully equipped emergency unit.

Bangladesh ENT Hospital Contact Number

The doctors and the surgeons of this hospital are one of the best in the country for many good reasons. The doctors of this hospital have completed their professional medical degree from all the well-known medical institutes of Bangladesh. Some of them also possess higher medical degrees from abroad. These doctors have vast knowledge and experience in the field of medical science.

Nowadays, we notice a tendency among the patients to gather knowledge before seeing a doctor or going to a hospital. The patients also hope to find all the necessary details about the hospital and its doctors to be found on the website of the hospital. For that reason, a lot of hospitals have uploaded all the necessary details to their website. The Bangladesh ENT Hospital has also done the same thing for their patients.

Hospitals also need to have an emergency contact number these days and that’s why the ENT hospital has also established their own call center. This helpline number is online 24/7 and the patients can call at this number whenever they want to. The contact number of this hospital is: +88-09666-710-710.

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