Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd Mirpur Doctor List and Contact Number

Eye is the only one organ of the human body which is able to make the sensation of seeing. Without our eyes we can not see a single thing. There is no doubt that people around the world find their eyes very much important. For this reason, the demand for eye care is increasing day by day.

Like the rest of the world the people of Bangladesh also feel the need of good specialized eye hospitals these days and to meet the demand of the people in general many new private hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital is one of the well-known private hospitals in Bangladesh which specializes in eye care. It is a specialized hospital in Bangladesh for eye treatment and operation only. This hospital has a lot of branches all over Dhaka city and in other major cities of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd was founded back in 18th September, 2005.

Since then, the hospital has served a great number of people. This is one of the few hospitals of Bangladesh which can provide an international standard treatment. As the days have passed the medical science of our world has gained new heights, so the medical treatment industry of Bangladesh has also developed in the last few years and nowadays a lot of hospitals are available in Bangladesh which are able to provide world class medical care. The Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd Mirpur branch has all the necessary things a patient expects from a world-class hospital.

The name Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd has become a name of trust for most of the people living in Bangladesh. It is the most trustworthy hospital you can find nowadays in this country. The main reason behind the success of this hospital is this hospital has a number of branches all over Dhaka and all the branches are capable of providing high quality medical care.

The Mirpur branch of this hospital is no different from the others. The Mirpur branch of the hospital is situated at Sumi Tower, Mirpur-2, Dhaka. The Mirpur branch of this hospital is housed in a 12 storied building where the hospital acquired six stories to make the hospital compartment. At the same time around 150 patients can be admitted into this branch.

This hospital can treat and operate almost all kinds of medical issues we find nowadays as all the modern technology of modern medical science is available here. The operation theaters of this hospital are decorated with all kinds of modern equipment and the success rate of operation of this hospital is around 90% which is pretty good.

The hospital also has its own high-end test lab and diagnostics center so that the doctors can identify the illness more accurately and without any kind of problem. The cost of treatment or operation or any kind of test is very much less here compared to most of the private hospitals of Dhaka.

It is known to us all that, it does not matter how well-equipped a hospital is, if it does not have a set of well-trained manpower then the hospital will lose its value. That’s why the Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd has hired only the best eye consultants and surgeons for all the branches of this hospital. The Mirpur branch of the hospital also has one of the best eye consultants and surgeons you can find in the entire country.

To know more about the doctors, when they are free to see a patient and for all kinds of information related to the hospital you can visit the website of the hospital. The other medical staff of the hospital are also very much friendly and they know how to deal with a patient.

The emergency contact numbers or the helpline numbers are one of the key features you look for when we are talking about an organization which maintains the international standard of service. The contact number of this hospital is: +88-0184-7422010.

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