Bangladesh Medical College Doctor List 2023

Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital is a medical college and simultaneously an organized healthcare facility. This is a private medical institute situated in 1986 and the oldest privately established hospital in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is a 500-bedded hospital. The hospital is situated in Dhanmondi and the address of the hospital is House # 34, Road # 14/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

The contact number of Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is +880244812101-8. You can call any of these telephone numbers for an inquiry about the doctor list or you can visit the hospital premises in person. You can also book an appointment with the doctor by calling this number. You are good to call the number from either your telephone or your handset.

The hospital has better hygiene all around. The services are pretty good and could be considered a medium-level hospital. Although, the doctors of the hospital are supreme in their class. You can book an appointment for your treatment but if you chose to stay and get treated, you might like to read a bit more. Here, sometimes you get proper value for your money, and sometimes not. However, the overall services are moderate. Moreover, do not choose this hospital if you are going there for an emergency or after an accident as there have been reports of doctors not being available in some cases.

Health Concern (Chest Pain)

Chest pain can be acute and sharp. While it also can be like a stabbing sensation or moderate pain. However, chest pain can not be neglected at any moment rather needs a prompt diagnosis and immediate medical treatment.



Chest pain often occurs due to cardiac diseases or heart diseases. The symptom includes shortness of breath, burning sensation in the chest, and irregular heartbeat. Nausea or vomiting along with fatigue, dizziness, and lightheadedness can be a symptom of it. Some people feel crushing pain along the shoulder, back, jaw, and neck regions.


A previous heart treatment like open heart surgery or aortic dissection can expedite chest pain. Sometimes, the cholesterols clump together in the chest and cause trouble in the movement of blood inside the heart. High blood pressure can cause heartache also.Chest pain can also occur from small problems as well. These include swallowing problems, gastric pain, heartburn, digestive problems, and pancreas disorders.


There is a wide spectrum of treatments that largely depend on the diagnosis and the type of the problem.  The normal pains are treated with aspirin or NSAID medications. Although, if someone gets a blood clot, they are likely to be treated with blood thinners. Those who get the problem from acidity, are generally treated with acid-relieving medications.


Preventive measures are always appreciated. One should adopt an active and healthy life in order to stay away from heart problems or chest pain. The weight of a person should not cross the average limit of the BMI, if so, they have to look closely at this aspect. A less intake of unhealthy fat and foods with fewer carbs is key to a healthy heart. Along with other nutritious choices, one should take enough micronutrients and liquids to keep metabolic activities in good shape. Altogether these can help maintain a good heart condition and thus reduce the risks of chest pain.

N.B. Any medication without a doctor’s prescription is strictly prohibited.

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