Bangladesh Medical College Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The name Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is a prominent name in the field of medical treatment. It is one of the oldest private medical teaching institutes of Bangladesh. In the past, the Bangladeshi people have suffered a lot just because of lack of good private hospitals. But the times have changed by much. Nowadays the people of Bangladesh do not want to go abroad for medical purposes.

In the present times all kinds of medical treatment is available in Bangladesh. There are a lot of private hospitals which helped to improve the medical scenario of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is surely one of them.

Bangladesh Medical College Hospital Dhanmondi

The Bangladesh Medical College Hospital was established back in 1986. With the medical college a 300-bed hospital was also established back then. The hospital now has the capability to accommodate a total of 500 patients at the same time. Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is situated at Dhanmondi the epicenter of the capital city of Bangladesh.

The location of the hospital has a new dimension to the hospital’s importance. The Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is affiliated with Dhaka University. This medical college offers a 5-year long Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. After that the students also have to do a one-year long internship. Over the years this medical college has produced some of the remarkable doctors of the country.

Bangladesh Medical College is an institute which has close ties with the medical care history of our country. As the oldest private medical college of Bangladesh this medical college has faced a lot of difficulties over the years but it always overcame all kinds of difficulties and led the way for other medical colleges.

Bangladesh Medical College Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

Bangladesh Medical College gained popularity among the patients for various reasons. The cost of treatment is very much low here compared to the other hospitals of the same standard. The quality of treatment of this hospital is world-class. The behavior of the employees who work here are also very good and welcoming.

There are a lot of factors involved behind the success of a hospital these days. Doctors with good academic background and experience, surgeons who have done a ton of surgeries without any kind of complications and a skillful team of nurses and other medical staff. Besides, there are other factors such as the medical machinery of modern days, a diagnostics center and a laboratory.

All these things are available to Bangladesh Medical College Hospital. Maybe it is one of the oldest private hospitals of Bangladesh but it has updated itself with the passage of time and always adapted with the new technology.

This hospital has its own pathology center and laboratory. For that reason, the test results of the diagnostics tests are very much accurate. Without a good test result it is very much difficult for any doctor to identify a disease these days. But with the help of good diagnostics reports it is a very easy task. All the world-class hospitals around the world have good operation theaters and the Bangladesh Medical College is no exception.

Bangladesh Medical College Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

A hospital which is of international standard definitely has all the best doctors available to them without any doubt. But the patients want to know beforehand they see a doctor and for that reason, Bangladesh Medical College Hospital has a website and in the website all the details of the doctors are uploaded. The doctors list and their academic background, their area of interest and all the things are provided on the website. If a patient wants to know anything about the doctors, then they just have to go to the website of the hospital.

The hospital has also set up a hotline support center for the patients and the hotline is online 24/7. So, if the patients have any kind of inquiry, if they want an appointment with the doctors and for many other purposes the hotline number is very much necessary. The contact number of the Bangladesh Medical College Hospital is: +880-2-44812101-08.

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