Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Doctor List

Bangladesh Specialized Hospital is a renowned hospital of Bangladesh situated in Shyamoli, Dhaka. It is situated in one of the dense areas of Dhaka and a huge number of people are served at the facility. It is a trusted name around the country and a preferable choice for patients within the region.

It should be a comfort for us to satisfy all our queries from a distance and especially from our home. It is the phone connection and the internet which give us relief to carry out all our hassles from afar. If you want to know the list of doctors, you can simply talk to an executive of Bangladesh Specialized Hospital. You can dial their hotline number 10633 for a quick connection and special attention for your query. Along with this, you can simply call their phone number 09666700100.

On top of that, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital has brought forth the option of sample submission from your home. You just have to dial their service line at +881313777946.

If you want to provide them with a suggestion, you can directly keep your question by email The email address is <<>>. Also, it is not a common practice in Bangladesh but you can also suggest for a change or provide a piece of advice on their services by email. For this reason, you should drop your email at <<>>

It is a must that you have to go to the OPD unit for booking your appointment. OPD is called the outpatient department. Here you have to complete the paperwork, along with your previous medical history. Also, brief health parameters would be measured here. You have to maintain a serial in order to see a doctor or to have a healthcare suggestion.

You have several facilities here. You can watch TV while waiting, have a fresh drinking water facility, sitting arrangements, washroom, etc. There are also facilities for handicapped people. They are provided with trolleys, wheelchairs, and serviceman facilities.

The laundry service could be a matter of concern for many of the patients who are having treatment for a long time. The Bangladesh Specialized Hospital provides you with laundry service at your doorsteps. You just have to dial either of the phone numbers +8801313777992-3. Your extra clothes would be collected from you by the service attendant of the housekeeping section.

All the patients can avail newspapers at their bed regardless of if they are in a cabin or ward. You can also have some renowned magazines if you like. You need to ask for this to any of the nurses or the secretary of your ward.

Your accommodation is made according to your financial capabilities or your preference. You can either manage a cabin or you can stay in a ward if you like. The cabins are well decorated and facilitated with air conditioning services. Besides, you do have access to the cable connection, phone service, and other basic items.

If you or any of your relatives is facing an emergency medical condition, you can call for an ambulance. You just have to dial their hotline number or you can call any other number to avail of this service. If you dial another number, they can also redirect you as per the nature of your problem. In addition, to support many cardiac patients contemporary ambulances are equipped with oxygen support.

It is a worry of many to have clean and safe food in Dhaka. To support your cause, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital has provided patients with safe and healthy food services from the cafeteria. You can either go to the cafeteria or call your food at your cabin or your bed.

It is a recent addition to the hospital that, patients are provided with a console. Patients can use the console to call a nurse at any moment. The hospital attendees can also have some relief by using the in-built pharmacy service of the hospital. Along with the usual accommodation, the Intensive Care Unit or ICU is available here. The patients are monitored closely each second and around the clock with emergency service backups.

For the patients who need surgery, two kinds of operation theaters are there. One is a major operation theater and the other is the minor one. There is a dedicated blood bank for supporting patients with blood. It is a very serious concern for many and can also save lives in crucial moments. And in Dhaka, a dedicated blood bank is close to a direct blessing for patients in need.

Cleanliness and hygiene play a significant impact on the patients’ overall cure and over psychological health. The hospital takes appreciable care of hygiene. Acquainted with this facility, the hospital has a proper medical waste disposal system.

The facility is well-equipped for fire prevention and there are emergency exits for a quick escape in case of an emergency. The whole complex has backup electricity generator to support the electricity in an instant.

The hospital has a wide range of specialist doctors and you can get all their information from the reception area or OPD area along with the phone numbers given. You can also send them an email in advance letting them know your problem or ask any query regarding the doctors.

It is recommended that you should know about a healthy diet plan or nutrition plan both for yourself and your family member. Grown-up children and teenagers should also be provided with basic knowledge about diet balance for brighter health in the future. Many other posts on the website contain proper health guides and you can continue reading other articles for knowing more about medical facts.

The modern nature of healthcare has got upgraded and you can utilize the benefits of Government hospitals in many urban regions of Bangladesh. If you are not facing an intricate problem, it is not mandatory to go to the capital as you can get quality treatment and healthcare facilities in your nearest urban regions as well.

If you need any more information regarding Bangladesh Specialized Hospital or other health problems, your comment is expected. You can also suggest new posts or articles.

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