Bangladesh Spine and Orthopaedic Hospital Doctor List 2023

Bangladesh Spine and Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the top choices among orthopaedic hospitals in Bangladesh. The location of the hospital is 10 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1207, which is quite adjacent to the Kallyanpur bus stand of Dhaka. Mirpur is a much-populated area of Dhaka and this hospital is providing state-of-art orthopaedic and bone treatment through their services.

You can obtain the list of the doctors of Bangladesh Spine and Orthopaedic Hospital by calling their phone number which is 01977-063412. If you are calling from abroad, you can add the country code of Bangladesh, which is +88. The phone number is reachable by both landline and cell phone. Also, you can go to the hospital premises and collect the list of the doctors from the reception or can ask for a brochure of the Doctor List at your convenience.

Treatment of bones and spine needs high-quality operation theatres and the hospital is quite appropriate with the management. Moreover, the hospital has a 24-hour ambulance service for quick transport of patients. The doctors of Bangladesh Spine and Orthopaedic hospital are highly qualified in the area of orthopaedic expertise. If you need more information about the hospital, you can simply reach the site with your queries.

It is always our goal to enrich you with health concerns. To discuss the topic of spine and orthopaedic, the scrutiny simply relates to your bones. The health of bones should be a priority for adequate motion and proper movement of the body. To elevate your bone condition, you simply have to have enough vitamin D in your food. To check the vitamin-D level, you can simply obtain a blood test. If you lack the quantity of vitamin D, you can simply take vitamin D pills.

It is a recommendation that your deficiency of vitamin D can not be filled with a single capsule of pills. You need to take at least 30-40 vitamin D capsules at the rate of one capsule per day. It might take a month or more as per the nature of the deficiency. After completing the dose, you should take another test to be sure of the optimum vitamin D level. The colour of your excreta might change while taking the capsules but there is nothing to worry about, it is completely normal.

Very few of the foods are enriched with vitamin D. Few of them are beef liver, egg yolk, milk or dairy item, cod liver oil, cereal, mushrooms, orange juice, soy milk, etc. Moreover, there is a natural way to improve the level of your vitamin D. You can add a tiny layer of oil to your skin and appear in the morning sunlight. It helps create vitamin D inside your body. If your body is heavily deprived of the element, you should consider having the pills.

Adding to these, there are a few reasons why you might get a problem in the spine. If you are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle or confined to a desk job, it is almost certain that you would have a spinal problem in the long run. Though, it is totally unethical and unnecessary to say that, you should leave your desk job for this but there are safety measures for getting a manoeuvre. The solution lies in the working style or resting standard.

Simply put, you should take a break every now and then while working if you are having a desk job. Moreover, there are specially designed chairs for freelancers and desk job employees. The chair accommodates a 110-degree angle of your spine from your thighs. In such a position, you get a minimum of 90% pressure on your spine while working. The less angle you maintain with your spine regarding the thighs, the more pressure on your spine increases accordingly at a geometric profusion.

A brisk walk in the middle of sedentary jobs can highly elevate your bone condition and your mood. On top of these, those who take heavy burdens in their jobs should have enough calories in their diet along with vitamin D options.

Vitamin D efficiency is very common among people. Even 40% of European citizens face a decline in their adequate level of vitamin D. It is a special recommendation to pregnant mothers that they should maintain a good vitamin D level. If not so, they can be prone to numerous diseases as well as the baby. The most common disease with a lack of vitamin D is osteoporosis. It is a disease which is concerned with low density bone or weak bone.

The saddest part of the orthopaedic department is that most of the patients who appear here are the victim of road accidents. It is a heartfelt and regretful phenomenon for us. It should be a topmost priority of vehicle drivers to take their utmost care and attention while driving or riding a vehicle. Automobile drivers should wear a seatbelt and bike riders should wear a helmet.

It is a saying of the BRTC department that, most road accidents occur from such a speed which is beyond the control of the drivers. The second contributing factor is the risky overtaking of vehicles both on highways and urban roads. Many youth citizens are prone to showing off their driving skills and fall victim to such problems. Hence, we should maintain our precautions and care while driving a vehicle for our own safety.

Notwithstanding the urban and distant locations of Bangladesh are also having quality disease care centres and hospitals. It is not always mandatory to appear in Dhaka if the nature of the problem is not too intricate. It is neither forbidden though. If you have proper solvency or adequate reason, you should be visiting Dhaka for better healthcare.

The spine and bones are not the only problems that you can face regarding your body. You should also have proper care for your immunity which saves you from diseases. One should take some sour fruit or at least chilli to maintain vitamin C, the most significant part of your immunity and should be taken on a daily basis. The vitamin D requirement per day is very low which is 200 micrograms. So, a tiny bit of concern can save us from bone-related problems.

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