BIHS Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences General Hospital or commonly known as BIHS is a subsidiary of Bangladesh Diabetic Samity (BADAS). In the last few decades BADAS has gained a lot of popularity and support from the international community for its outstanding performance in the area of medical care. This organization has opened a number of hospitals and clinics all around the country.

But most of the hospitals are located here in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. BADAS has gained its popularity and support after the establishment of BIRDEM back in the 1980s. The name BIRDEM became a name of trust among the people of Bangladesh for treating the patients who are suffering from diabetic. BIRDEM serves around 3000 patients a day and the bed count of the hospital is around 650 which makes it one of the largest hospitals in Bangladesh.

With the great success of BIRDEM, BADAS wanted to try out something new and which will help all kinds of patients. With that point of view the BIHS hospital was founded. BIHS is known to the people of Bangladesh as an associate organization of BIRDEM. BIHS Hospital is situated at Darus-Salam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka. It is a pretty huge hospital and the bed count of this hospital is around 400 which makes it one of the largest hospitals in the entire country.

This hospital is established on a 100,000 square feet land and the hospital has plans to acquire more ground space in the future. In this hospital we can find a lot of sub-projects which help the patients to get better treatment experience. This hospital is one of the best hospitals in the entire South-East Asian region without any doubt.

There are a lot of reasons behind the success of this hospital. Firstly, this is one of the pioneer hospitals of our country which have introduced modern medical science in the soil of Bangladesh. Secondly, with the passage of time this hospital has also changed its methods of treatment and adapted with the most advanced medical technologies we can find in the developed countries. Thirdly, the hospital charges a lot less than the other well-known hospitals. Money is a great issue for most of the people of Bangladesh as they do not have a decent amount of income.

This hospital has all the modern medical machinery we can think of today. This hospital also has its own diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory which is of international standard. This hospital maintains world-class standards in all the operations of the hospital. In this hospital there are a total of 15 operation theaters and all of them are of international standard. Beside that, the hospital has its own 24/7 ambulance service. In recent times the hospital has increased its number of intensive care units. ICCU, NICU, CCU and all kinds of modern intensive care units are available in this hospital.

As this is one of the best hospitals of Bangladesh, it is evident that the doctors and the surgeons of this hospital are one of the best in the country also. The doctors who work in this hospital have completed their medical degrees from reputed medical institutes of the country. Most of the doctors also have their foreign medical degrees.

The surgeons of this hospital require more attention as all the best surgeons of the country are available here. The success rate of surgery is pretty high in this hospital. It is a common tendency among the patients these days to know about a doctor before they see them. So, if you want to learn more about the doctors of this hospital then check out the website of this hospital. In the website the doctor list of this hospital is also available.

BIHS Hospital is a hospital which maintains its world class standard in all the aspects of its service. That’s why this hospital has established its own 24/7 online call center and the patients can call at this number whenever they want to. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1783-917151.

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