Biopsy Test Price in Bangladesh

A close inspection of the cell is called a biopsy. This is a complex test performed by an experienced radiologist, surgeon, or cardiologist. The sample collection process is invasive and a thoroughly meticulous approach is taken to observe if any abruption is present or not. This article contains the price range of biopsy tests in Bangladesh and the rest of the article is about scientific facts about biopsy tests.

Process of sample collection

The sample is collected mainly in two different ways. These are known as incisional biopsy, and excisional biopsy. The incisional biopsy is also known as the core biopsy. During the incisional biopsy, the epidermal tissues are removed. Moreover, in certain cases, the peripheral layer of the muscle is also sliced through to collect a sample from inside the body. In terms of excisional biopsy, the sample is taken from the upper surface of the infection or inflammation.

A biopsy is mainly used to inspect whether there is a presence of cancerous cells or infectious cells within the lump or affected area. The process of the collection is differentiated into various types of biopsy. The biopsy types are mentioned below,

Needle biopsy

Needle biopsy is done with the help of a couple of needles while only one needly intervein the affected area. The needle biopsy methods are as follows,

Fine needle aspiration

First, the affected area is held with the help of a needle. When the place is unmoved, a fine pointed needle is inserted into the inflammation point. The needle used here is a syringe and a tiny amount of fluid is drawn from that specific region. The analysis is done by monitoring and assessing that fluid.

Vacuum-assisted biopsy

A sucking device is used in this kind of biopsy. The suction device is pointed at the point of inflammation. The device moves the air out of the cup and that creates an external pull at that region which draws the cells and fluids to accumulate in that specific region. Another needle is used to collect samples from that area. This procedure minimizes the quantity of needle insertion into the human body in that infected region.

Image-guided biopsy

This process works like a simple biopsy test but the sample collection procedure is much easy due to the intervention of high-tech equipment. A CT scan or ultrasound or MRI process is run over the suspected area. These are real-time image scanning options and provide the radiologist to determine the root placement of the specific problem. A needle is used to collect the sample from the region shown by the image processing unit.

Skin biopsy

There are a few categories of skin biopsy. Skin biopsy is done to measure melanoma (the most severe kind of skin cancer) and other types of cancers.

Punch biopsy

In case of punch biopsies, an annular sharp object is used to punch through a deep layer of the skin. This goes deep into the layers of the skin. The skins and other tissues of the punched region is used for later inspection.

Shave biopsy

A razor or sharp shaving equipment is used to shave the upper region of the skin. Upon attaining smoothness of the skin, a scrape is collected from the surface of the skin. The peeled or scrape epidermal skin is used for inspection in this process.

Surgical biopsy

This biopsy procedure is taken into action when the first biopsy report is proved to be inconclusive. If the first level biopsy is not suggesting well enough for the doctor to diagnose the disease, surgery is performed to collect infectious cells from inside the body. In many cases, the internal organs of the body get affected by cancerous cells or inflammation. To collect cells from that point, surgery is taken into action to incise the upper layer of the body which includes the skin and the muscles.

While the upper region is ripped open, the infected cells are collected from the inside part of the body. This is a bit intricate procedure but much more accurate to come to a conclusion. Anesthetics are used in this process and the patient is put into a deep sleep. Moreover, the patient might need to stay a few days after going through a surgical biopsy.

Bone marrow biopsy

This kind of biopsy is not only used to determine cancerous cells but also provides information about a whole lot of questions. Human blood gets produced from the bone marrow. These are sponge-like substances and help create the molecules of the blood. Several diseases like lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma are also determined from this test. Moreover, if there is a blood-related problem, the doctor can advise the patient for a bone marrow biopsy test.

To perform the test, the doctor uses a long-needled syringe to draw bone marrow from the bone. The operational area is most commonly the hipbone region. Though, the doctor can ask for any other bones to take collection from. The doctor is supposed to treat the patient with local anesthetics to ease the pain or to provide comfort to the patient. 

Biposy Test Price In Bangladesh

Test Name Price (In BDT)
Endoscopic biopsy – stomach 700
Endoscopic biopsy – Deodenum 700
Endoscopy biopsy – Gastric 750
Endoscopy biopsy – Eosophagus 700
Colonoscopic biopsy 750
Brain tissue-small 750

Types of biopsy test in the world

There is a range of biopsy tests present in the world. Different countries have different approaches to meet with the disease or knowing the nature of the problem associated. The different tests present in the world are enlisted below to provide you with a larger observation of the specifications.

Category of biopsy tests

The following category is presented to our readers as a collection of the biopsy test kinds present in the world at this moment.

  • Stereotactic surgery
  • Prostate saturation biopsy
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Muscle biopsy
  • frozen section procedure
  • Shave biopsy
  • fine needle aspiration
  • Open biopsy
  • cervical conization
  • bone biopsy
  • Transrectal biopsy
  • Renal biopsy
  • breast biopsy
  • Needle localize biopsy
  • Liver biopsy
  • bone marrow examination
  • Nerve biopsy
  • endomyocardial biopsy
  • Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy
  • Transperineal biopsy
  • endometrial biopsy
  • Lung biopsy
  • Liquid biopsy
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • Skin biopsy
  • antibody barcoding
  • Meningeal biopsy
  • Transurethral biopsy

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