Blood Glucose Test Strips Price in Bangladesh 2023

Blood glucose rate of a deficient amount can be the reason for a devastating health issue name Diabetes or scientifically known as “Diabetes Mellitus” or Hypoglycemia. There are severity ranges of this test and if someone is affected by this disease, they need to take a close look at the blood glucose rate on a constant basis. The frequency of this test depends on the severity level of diabetes that whether it is a type 2 or type 1 in some individual patient’s case.

The first test of blood glucose is taken by a medical assistant and the confirmation of the disease should be done by an approved medical practitioner. After prevailing the first test, the patients can use a handheld glucometer to test the glucose rate on a chronic rate. The ease of testing through a glucometer has made it popular among the mass people who are suffering from diabetes.

The glucometer is bought once and can be used for a long time where each test needs a new test strip to insert into the glucometer. These strips are available at medical stores and up for grabs at a low level of cost.

Blood glucose test strips price in Bangladesh

There are few companies who are selling blood glucose test strips for the convenience of diabetic patients. A few of the renowned company names along with their prices are enunciated here. The “Viva Check Ino Glucose Strip” from the Swiss company “Viva Check Biotech” costs 620 taka for a bundle of 25 pieces of blood glucose test strips. Their 50-piece bundle comes at a price of 1150 taka. The Swisscare Technology Co. Ltd. has introduced “Quick Check” diabetes testing kit.

These kits come at a price of 400 taka for 25 pieces of strips. If you want a handy package and want to afford it within a small amount of price, you can opt in for “Digital Accu Answer Glucose Test Strip”. Their price rate is quite low. You can get yourself 50 strips for 550 taka only. The company name of this product is “Manti Lab Solutions” from Haryana, India.

So, the price of a single kit can start from as low as 10 taka and can be as high as 50 taka per piece. Though, the strips of lower prices can be non-branded or of a less renowned brand. It is up to your discretion to choose from a variety of products.

More Information

These test strips are known as Clinistix or diastix. The strips are basically a biosensor and contain glucose oxidase. A scanty amount of blood is provided as input into the glucometer and the strip soaks the blood. The color of the strip changes as per the glucose level of the blood. The intensity of the color help to detect the severity of the disease.

Though modern-day glucometers contain a digital monitor and the test results come in unit measures digitally. The glucometer price is also as low as a couple of thousand bucks and can be used for an elongated period of time and a bunch of test kits come while buying the glucometer.

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