Blood Group Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Blood group testing is a very simple test and is available in almost all the diagnostic centers in Bangladesh. It is one of the basic tests which are supposed to be available at any hospital or diagnostic center that you can reach.

Blood group test price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the price of blood group testing might be different from place to place. Though, overall the price of this test is quite low and can be performed with a very simple response of the blood with specific reagents. The test price can vary from 50 taka to 250 taka. In some private hospitals of Dhaka can ask for the higher end of the limit while many urban and distant diagnostic centers can do it at a very low amount of price.

How the test is taken

The test is taken with the slightest amount of blood as a sample. In many cases, a pinch of drops from the fingertips is taken as a sample. Though, while performing some other blood screening tests, the sample is taken by a syringe to 

Blood grouping system

The blood grouping system is called ABO blood grouping. It is basically because, the main blood types are A,B, AB, and O. In this method, mainly two types of blood antigens are measured name A and B. If both the antigens remain on the blood surface, it is called group “AB” while the presence of none of them is called blood type “O”.

There are more levels to the blood grouping. After defining the group, the type of positive and negative are also tested with if. So, the overall report of the blood comes as a group and its polarization type. Within the positive blood, an additional layer of antibody remains present and the negative blood has no antibody over the surface layer. These antigens and antibodies are mainly proteinous properties.

The history of blood testing

In ancient times, when people went into war and came with wounds, they were certainly in need of blood. Primarily, people tried it with the blood of other animals which went in vain. Later, people used blood transfusion technology to transfer blood from one human to another human. In this case, the person providing the blood was called the donor.

The main confusing factor happened when some of the people with aided blood survived and many of them died. This was a huge challenge for them as all the blood showed the same kind of particles within them. Later, the doctor found some protein substances present in the blood particles which helped them define the blood type. This saved the lives of many but also a bunch of them died.

This proved to be a headache for the scientists again. Later, the scientist found the rhesus factor of blood while analyzing the blood of monkey. This rhesus factor was considered to determine the positive or negative type of blood. Finally, a specific and accurate blood transfusion method was granted all over the world and people were able to transit blood safely.

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