BRB Hospital Test Price List 2023

BRB hospital is one of the renowned private hospitals of Bangladesh situated in the heart of Dhaka. The location is in Panthapath that got established in 2014. Though it is not one of the oldest hospitals in Bangladesh but it has added advanced engineering and modern days equipment for the best efficiency of healthcare services. BRB is the first hospital to introduce ‘Go Green Healthcare’ in Bangladesh.

It has provided patients with eco-friendly healthcare that has remarkably shown its positive effects on patients’ health. There are a bunch of experienced doctors and specialists in each sector of healthcare. Moreover, their state-of-the-art equipments on diagnosis have provided the patients with accurate results and have helped the doctors to assess the disease conditions rightfully.

To help the patients with their diagnosis, there is a range of different health packages and also one can get individual test results effectively and at a short amount of cost at any time. If someone avails one package, the disease is supposed to be in a linear pattern, and also if a range of tests is available at a cheaper cost. Though in many of the cases , different individual tests are required and those always have been within the reach of the patients and premises.

You can find the test price list of BRB hospitals in terms of packages in this article. If you want to take an individual test and want to know about the price, please search our website for a specific test rate. Those test rates are applicable to almost all hospitals around the country.

There has been an array of service areas; the most developed and the dedicated regions are listed next. The dedicated facilities include Cardiology, Gastrointestinal surgery, Endocrinology and Diabetology, ENT, Plastic reconstructive surgery, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Physical Medicine and Lab Medicine, etc.

BRB hospital test price list

The patients have the option to take any test individually while the packages can save money from the packages. The primary executive health package is one of the basic health packages. The cost is 6700 taka while they can afford liver, blood, kidney, imaging, urine, biometric parameter, and post-screening consultation.

The full executive health package is a bit more detailed than the usual primary executive health package. The total cost is 7500 taka but the areas are quite similar. The senior executive health package is the most detailed in the service section of all the executive packages. All the sections cover a range of comprehensive tests and can solve a lot of queries of the doctor.

Moreover, if someone wants a regulatory checkup or chronic assessment of the body, the senior executive health package is one of the most convenient services of BRB hospitals. The total cost of the full executive health package is 12500 taka.

Instead of these executive packages, there are disease or problem-associated packages. The gastro liver health package costs 10000 taka. There is also a renal health package available and the cost is as low as 8000 taka. Moreover, there are some screening tests. The screening test is available at merely a few thousand taka. Arthritis and cancer test packages are accessible for 7000 taka. Albeit, there are gender-based package levels available at a very low cost and the patient can get the benefit within 5000 taka only.

If you want some more package-relevant information, please drop a comment.

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