Cardiologist in Mirpur Doctor List and Contact Phone Number – Heart Specialist Doctor In Dhaka

Mirpur Treatment Center or ICDDRB is an international standard super-facilitated hospital of Bangladesh. This hospital was established back in 1960’s and since then it has been treating a lot of patients with care and excellence. This hospital is 60 years old and in these 60 years it has created history in the medical sector of Bangladesh.

This hospital was established as the “South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Cholera Research Laboratory. The CRL soon became a hub of the Diarrhea Research Center and gained an international reputation. Later in 1962, ICDDR established Dhaka Hospital which is still running its operation and ICDDR still runs this hospital.

In a very short time after the establishment of the Dhaka Hospital, it became an important diarrhea cure center for the people of Bangladesh. Specially the children who are suffering from severe case of diarrhea are admitted into this hospital. In 1978, the name of the CRL changed to ICDDR “International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh”.

ICDDR is not a hospital but to get the service of this research center one has to go to these two hospitals: Dhaka Hospital and Matlab Hospital. The Dhaka Hospital treats around 1,40,000 patients every year. Every year the Dhaka Hospital saves around 40,000 lives. This hospital has all the modern facilities we need as a patient these days. Emergency units, intensive care units and all the other important features of a hospital are present here.

Matlab Hospital is situated 50 km south of Dhaka and it is a 120-bed specialized hospital. This hospital provides free medical service for the patients of diarrheal disease, patients who have maternal issues and childcare. All these services are provided here free of cost. Matlab Hospital treats around 30,000 patients every year.

Now one thing is clear that people who are suffering from diarrhea and need intensive care should visit these two hospitals as these hospitals are directly operated by the same authority of ICDDR. Diarrhea was a severe disease in our country in the past. Many people have died by suffering from this disease and in the rural area of our country it is a more pressing issue.

Now a question may arise why we should go to these hospitals to get treated if we are suffering from diarrhea. The answer to this question is simply, you get the best treatment available in Bangladesh for free. ICDDRB is funded by many international and national organizations. So, the patients do not need to pay for the treatment. The two hospitals mentioned above have all kinds of modern medical machinery needed for a hospital these days. All kinds of modern facilities are available here.

These hospitals maintain the world-class standard and their service. Modern intensive care units, emergency units, you name it, all kinds of services are available here. These two hospitals also provide 24/7 ambulance service. The hospitals which are run by the ICDDR also have their own diagnostics center where all kinds of modern tests can be done.

We all know that; the doctors and the consultants are the most important part for any hospital. If the standard of the doctors of a hospital is high then the standard of the hospital is also high. Some of the doctors who work in these hospitals are also members of the ICDDR.

These doctors have graduated from all the reputed medical colleges and universities. Some of the doctors also have foreign medical degrees. To know more about the doctors who work for the ICDDR and these two hospitals you have to visit the website of the ICDDR. Here you can find all the necessary details about the doctors and the list of doctors.

ICDDR also established a hotline contact number and this number is online 24/7 so that the patients can reach out to ICDDR if they face any kind of health issues. The hotline number of ICDDR is: +880 (0)2-2222-77001.

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