Central Hospital Limited Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The medical care system of Bangladesh has changed a lot in the last few decades. In the past it was very difficult for the people of Bangladesh to find any kind of international standard medical treatment in Bangladesh. But the rise of the high-end private hospitals has changed the game entirely. In the present times the percentage of going abroad for medical purposes has declined by much among the Bangladeshi people just because of these hospitals.

Central Hospital Limited

When you can get an international standard medical care system at your doorsteps then there is no need to go to other countries. But we cannot only praise the high-end private hospitals of Bangladesh for the change. The hospitals which charge less money but provide good medical care are also very much important for the Bangladeshi people.

The Central Hospital Limited of Dhanmondi is one of the hospitals which provides good medical care at a very lower cost. This hospital is a very well-known hospital among the residents of Dhaka and also to some of the people who travel Dhaka frequently. This hospital is situated at the heart of the capital city of Bangladesh. The hospital’s bed count is around 250. Beside that there are also some additional beds available in the hospital. All kinds of modern facilities a patient can think of are available here.

Central Hospital Limited Doctor List

Accident and emergency units, ICU, ICCU and many other things are also available in the hospital. The Central Hospital Limited has also brought all kinds of modern medical machinery needed to run a hospital. The building of the hospital is 12 stories and each floor of the hospital is approximately 10,500 square feet. It is one of the spacious hospitals of Dhanmondi. The Hospital also has its own 24/7 ambulance service.

To become a leading hospital of a country is not an easy task these days. A lot of things are needed to acquire the position. The Central Hospital Limited has all the things needed to become an international standard hospital. The doctors of the hospital are well-qualified, the surgeons have a vast amount of experience and the other medical staff are also very skillful. All the employees of the hospital are very much friendly and they know how to deal with a patient.

The diagnostics center of the hospital is also very much updated and all kinds of pathological tests are available in the hospital. The diagnostics tests play an important role in the field of medical science these days. Without the diagnostics results the doctors cannot identify a disease for sure. That’s why the Central Hospital Limited has bought all the modern equipment needed for the job. The hospital has also built a high-end laboratory.

The cabins and the wards also play a very important role in the business of any hospital. If the hospital does not have any decent kind of cabins, then the patients would not go to that hospital. For that reason, the Central Hospital Limited has also established high-end cabins for their patients. The doctors of this hospital are one of the finest in the country. These doctors have acquired their medical degree from the well-known medical college or universities of Bangladesh.

Central Hospital Limited Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

Some of the doctors have also earned some foreign medical degrees. All the details about all the doctors are provided on the website of the hospital. So, if any patient is interested then they can look up there for all kinds of details. There is also a dedicated option on the website from where the patients can get an appointment with the doctor.

The hospital also has a 24/7 emergency contact number. People also call these emergency contact numbers hotline numbers. These numbers play various kinds of important roles. If the patients have any kind of inquiry then they can call at this number, the patients can also file a complaint via calling at this number and there are many other reasons why this number is important. The contact number of the Central Hospital Limited is: +880-02-9660015.

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