Chevron Hospital Chittagong Doctor List 2023

Chevron Hospital is one of the most dynamic hospitals in Chittagong. The foundation was first laid in the year 1984. The start was not the very best for Chevron as they had to deal with severe loss at the beginning. Their financial struggle continued until the year 1990. But they thrived through the situation and found a huge growth in their business after that.

The organization started with a single location though but now there are 9 premises of Chevron Hospital spread throughout the Chittagong region. The central office of Chevron is at Nizam, Panchalish, Chittagong. They have the accommodation of 300 people with uninterrupted services.

To know about the list of doctors, you can call their doctor information number 01756203720. Moreover, you have 24-hour access to their hotline numbers which are 01755666969 and 01755666956. On top of these, you can call a couple of other numbers of Chevron Hospital for your doctor list. The other numbers are 01713487901 and 01755666956. You should add +88 before the numbers while calling from abroad.

For an appointment with the doctor, you have to be there in person and book your appointment. Though it is not possible to have an appointment online as their regulation is strict to serve in chronological order regardless of their finances or any other aspect. Nevertheless, emergency patients are treated promptly and with a great deal of attention.

The hospital also has a diagnostic center available at its complex. The diagnosis quality is very high in class and quite convenient in price. Any individual can take the tests individually at the discretion of doctors. There are also package tests available and the basic health check-up packages are available without a prescription from the doctor while the special ones need a prescription or recommendation from a doctor. While the dispense of fees to the packages, you can only use your credit card or debit card. Albeit, the hospital provides a 20-50% discount on diagnosis package rates.

The doctors of Chevron are highly qualified in their area of expertise and you can trust the quality of their services. Moreover, you get a warm welcome and hospitality from the hospital staff upon reaching there. The privacy of females is a mammoth concern for Bangladeshi citizens. The hospital has recruited an adequate number of female nurses, lab attendees, and female doctors for serving female diseases and pregnancy conditions with proper privacy. The intricate gender-related privacy is maintained regardless of the religion of clients.

In our articles, you would always find health suggestions after satisfying your queries. These are general recommendations and have been provided for your health benefits in the long run. The unit of the human body is the cell and cells perform with their metabolic conditions. To understand metabolic conditions, you have to have a basic understanding of the structure of the human body. A vast number of cells produce a tissue. The tissues at a certain region all together form an organ. Both the tissues and organs are assigned to perform a definite task. While the organs are performing high-impact duties, the tissues also have a part to work upon.

These duties have a certain limit of activation, instead of the heart or cardiac muscles which remain active throughout the entire life; all the other duties of organs are variable. There are few muscles that we can move as per our will and those are called skeletal muscles like arms, feet, etc. Though the skeletal muscles are maintained by the central nervous system but it has a few elements which keep them active. You should take an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to keep it active along with some general activities.

The important activities for a healthy state of the body are,

  1. Exercise
  2. Proper sleep
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Walking with bare feet
  5. Revealing your body to the sunlight
  6. Proper attention to your vitamin and mineral intake
  7. Meditation

Inclusive of these, the muscles which we can not move are called smooth muscles like the liver, intestines, pancreas, etc. The activities of smooth muscles are controlled by hormones, neurotransmitters, and other receptors. These muscles are heavily entangled with neurons and the whole network of the neurons is regulated by electrons or simply put minerals. Minerals are simple molecules like iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. You can improve your neuro-activity by having these minerals which mainly come from vegetables, salts, animal bones, proteins, fruits, and nuts.

Albeit, you can not take these food items in huge amounts thinking these would elevate your body conditions. Each of them individually has a limit of intake per day or in a chronic span. For this, you have to gain a primary level of knowledge about the nutrition plan. Though, it is not mandatory to know about a nutrition plan or balanced diet if you can prepare one from a nutritionist or a doctor. You have the option to have it for free from a Government hospital or a community clinic. The doctors of Government hospitals are enough capable to prepare a nutrition plan as per your financial capabilities.

On top of all these, if you do not have enough hydration in your body, the minerals and electrolytes would not be able to move or work within the body. For this, you should take at least 2-2.5 liters of water every day.

Having exercise daily can definitely improve your metabolic condition which is the overall energy processing method in your body but you lose sweat through the process. Sweat is not only liquid but also has salt and electrolytes or minerals. So, take proper food as per your nutrition plan and keep yourself healthy.

You also get some significant additional benefits from having an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals, which are an enhanced immune system and a functional body. The immune system is supposed to fight against diseases and disorders in your body. The immune system also maintains the compact nature of the body along the process keeping it free from foreign microorganisms or particles. Overall, maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice healthy habits for comprehensive health.

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