Chittagong Doctor List 2023

Chittagong is the second-largest metropolitan city and commercial region of Bangladesh. The city has natural beauty along with an overall significance as well. This huge city is likely to face a lot of health problems and that demands quality healthcare facilities as well. You can find both government and private hospitals in Chittagong. Although, most of the hospitals in Chittagong are situated on either Nizam Road or Andarkilla Road.

This article contains the list of hospitals, their addresses, phone numbers, and a smooth way for you to find the doctor list of Chittagong. The best way to find the doctor list or book an appointment with the doctor is to call the phone number of the associated hospital of the doctor. You can also reach the hospital premises in person and find the doctor list on spot. Following you can find a list that contains your expected information.

Chittagong General Hospital is the biggest Government hospital in Chittagong and you can find it in a prime location on Andarkilla Road. National Hospital Chattogram is an affordable hospital and is situated at Chatteshwari Road. The phone number of this hospital is 01827-402322. Another renowned hospital of Chittagong is “Chittagong Square” which is situated at Chittagong Medical College Road. The official phone number of the hospital is 01841-005588. Another Government hospital in Chittagong is Bangabandhu Memorial Hospital and the phone number of the hospital is +88031-659070.

Chittagong Union Hospital Private Limited is situated at Mirzapul Road and the associated phone number of the hospital is 01711-308100. Another highly appreciated hospital in Chittagong is Apollo Imperial Hospital and the cell phone number of the authority is +8809612-247247. The Sheikh Mujib Road of Chittagong has Islami Bank Hospital and their phone number is 01731-253990.


Health Concern (National Health Services)

If you can not find an emergency hospital or doctor services nearby, you can remember or list down the emergency hotline number of Bangladesh which links up to doctors or medical professionals and the number is 10921.

Moreover, the Government of Bangladesh has started a nationwide “National Emergency Hotline Number” which is “999”. You can call this number from any cell phone or landline device. You can also place a call if you do not have a cell phone balance. You can get information or ask for any nearby Government services from this number. Moreover, the multi-sectoral hotline number of Bangladesh is 109 and you can seek emergency medical help from this number as well.


Other Healthcare Information

It is not mandatory for you to always visit private hospitals but you can find the most renowned doctors at Government hospitals as well. Though, you might need a little bit more time to have an appointment with the doctor which is not very unlikely in the private hospitals but can be frustrating at times.

However, if you are facing a financial issue, you should seek medical attention from a Government hospital first. The private hospitals are costly and might be burdensome for a number of marginal individuals in Bangladesh.

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