Comfort Hospital Doctor List 2023

Comfort Hospital is altogether known as Comfort Diagnostic Center and Nursing Home (PVT.) LTD. The institute first started its operation back in 1999. The founding members of Comfort Hospital visited numerous countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Bangkok to gain business insights to build a fully functional healthcare institute in Bangladesh. For this, you can have quality healthcare with functional executive services from the hospital.

Comfort Hospital has a couple of establishments in Dhaka. The head office is situated on Green Road and the other office is situated in Uttara. The address of Comfort Hospital is “Comfort Tower, 167/B, Green Road, Dhaka” and the address of the Uttara branch of Comfort Hospital is House 22, Rabindra Sarani, Sector 7, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

To get the doctor list, you can virtually contact both the Comfort Hospital main branch and the Uttara branch. The phone numbers of the Head Office are  01731956033, 01552468377, +8802-58153661, and +880258157007. Also, you can call the number +8802-222246338-41 with extensions of 0, 104, and 106. The phone numbers of the Uttara Branch are 01758578205 and +8802-85954726. The virtual ID of the hospital is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates. If you want to make a complaint or query or suggestion, you can email them at <<>>

The hospital is fully rigged with updated medical equipment to provide high-quality treatments to the patients. The hospital does maintain world-class treatment in the Orthopedics and Urology department. There are 28 full-time MBBS doctors available at the Comfort Hospital along with a massive involvement of 80 doctors overall.

Health Concern:

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