Comilla Tower Hospital Doctor List

Comilla Tower Hospital is a prestigious hospital in Comilla. You have to go to Laksham road in Kandirpar to reach the hospital. Kandirpar is a milestone location of Comilla and you can reach the hospital from there. You would get information about the doctor list and other facilities of Comilla Tower Hospital in this article.

The advancement of technology has made our life easier. For this reason, we can get information about many queries from home. Internet and telecommunication are playing a huge role in this arena. If you want the doctor list of Comilla Tower Hospital, you have to call the cell phone number of this hospital. Just dial the number 01711144786 from your cell phone and you can talk to an executive to find your doctor list. Additionally, it is not always possible that you would get the line open as many might dial the number at the same time. To solve this problem, you have the option to call another number. The other phone number of Comilla Tower Hospital is +8808168921.

The first given number is a cell phone number while the second one is a land phone number. You can dial both from your cell phone. Though, the landline number is much more convenient if you have a land phone at your home or office or at your disposal. The first two digits (88) are optional to dial in case of a land phone. But you have to dial the location code along with the phone number.

If you do not wish to call through the phone, you can also go to the hospital in person and have the phone number from the receptionist or any executive of the hospital. Along with this, you can ask your detailed query to the hospital manager. The hospital does have its brochure which has the doctor list printed along with their degrees and expertise. It is better that you consult a specialist for your cause or medical care.

It is a very common phenomenon in our life that people are prone to diseases, physical anomalies, and disorders. These illnesses can happen at any stage of life and to anyone. There is no certain date or time for any disease. Though, many diseases happen when people get older. It should be a health goal of an individual to avoid these diseases and in order to avoid that, everyone should practice a healthy lifestyle. It might be a question what is a healthy lifestyle? Please follow the article to know more about a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living includes healthy food. One should take care of the food first in order to stay healthy. If someone is not caring about fat intake, he/she could be susceptible to cardiac disease. Cardiac disease is much worse in nature and happens due to a high level of cholesterol in the heart tissues. We take a lot of fat from the meat, and oil that we eat. The fish also has oil in it but it does not contain harmful cholesterol and is thus known as “Good Cholesterol”. Good cholesterol is a high-density lipid that does not harm the lipid profile of the body. The fish have Omega-3 cholesterol which breaks down later on and does not accumulate as body fat.

Meat fat, palm oil, and soybean oil have low-density protein and are harmful to the body in long term. This fat accumulates in the body over time and can be a reason for a lot of diseases and obesity. Many of us are not worried about being overweight and obese but this can lead to hypertension and heart attack. Also, overweight people grow lower in immunity.

It is also a matter of fact that many of us are deprived of the total calorie amount required per day in our bodies. A human needs at least 2,000 calories per day to keep a balanced health. It is recommended that one should see a nutritionist at the nearest Government or Private hospital to get a diet chart. One can maintain a balanced diet according to their financial condition. It is not always mandatory that the rich and costly food would have all the nutritious values but one can also fill up those amounts with a lot of secondary diets which are available in the local market at a small price.

We also see a lot of people who have a poor body structure which might occur due to a low intake of protein. It is mandatory that one should take at least 50 grams of active protein per day in order to keep their body muscle strong and in good shape. It is more significant for teenagers and young people. If you take 50 grams of meat or fish, it does not mean that you would get 50 grams of active protein from there. You can only get 15-30% of active protein from the proteinous food that you take. As proteinous foods are high in price, one can also take pulses to fill up their need for protein.

There is one more important fact which is the proper diet of Vitamins, Minerals, and Micronutrients. Vitamins, Minerals, and Micronutrients can boost your immunity and maintains your hormonal balance. If your hormonal balance is not good, your body movement and regulation can fail at any time. A lot of problems are associated with the lack of these ingredients and a nutritionist is a better planner upon checking you in person.

After all, you should also maintain some physical exercise and practice hygiene. A lack of hygiene can cause you many diseases also. Keep your work-diet balance to keep your mind fresh and have a sound sleep for your accretion or indemnity.

These are common health regulations for your body. If you are living near the area of Comilla or need healthcare or treatment for your body, you can see a doctor or specialist for your medical care at Comilla Tower Hospital. If you need surgery, make sure to maintain precautionary measures before having it. The measures could be both financial or physical.

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