Crescent Gastroliver and General Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

The medical care system of Bangladesh has gone through a huge change in the last few decades. In the past the medical care system of Bangladesh was not that good but in the last few decades the private and the public hospitals of Bangladesh have changed themselves and updated the facilities of the hospitals.

Many new private hospitals have also emerged in the medical care sector of Bangladesh. Even in the last two decades some world class private hospitals have also emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh. There are also some specialized hospitals and some of the hospitals are offering world class medical care treatment at a very low cost.

Crescent Gastroliver and General Hospital Dhanmondi

The tendency of going abroad or to neighboring countries for medical purposes has also decreased over the years among the Bangladeshi people just because of these hospitals. The Bangladeshi patients can now have all the necessary medical care in the soil of Bangladesh. Going abroad just to seek medical attention is a very huge task and the process is very much costly too. So, when the patients of Bangladesh started getting world class medical attention in their own country, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Nowadays there are a lot of hospitals available in Bangladesh which offer international standard medical treatment at a very low cost. The Crescent Gastroliver and General Hospital is one of those hospitals. This hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, a very well-known location of Dhaka. This hospital was established back in 2000 and since then it has treated a lot of patients.

Crescent Gastro liver Hospital Dhanmondi Doctor List

When we think about a hospital which is of international standard, we think that the hospital should be one of the largest in the entire region. But it is not always the case. The Crescent Hospital is the burning example of that. This hospital is an exclusive hospital with only 41 beds. But do not judge the hospital based on its housing capacity. It is one of the super facilitated hospitals of Bangladesh.

This Hospital is the one and only specialized hospital for gastro liver diseases. Gastro Liver diseases are diseases which are connected to the digestive system. It is also a general hospital and for that reason the hospital also treats other kinds of illnesses too. Almost all kinds of medical treatment is available in this hospital.

The Crescent Hospital has all the best doctors you can find in the country. Beside the doctors the hospital also has a dedicated team of nurses and other medical staff. Being a top-notch hospital is not an easy task these days as the hospital needs a lot of things to become one of the best in the country. Crescent Hospital has also gathered a number of well experienced surgeons who can perform all kinds of surgeries.

Crescent Gastroliver and General Hospital Dhanmondi Contact Phone Number

The hospital has a tremendous record of surgery succession rate. Patients from all over the country who are suffering from diseases related to the digestion system are referred to this hospital very often. We also know that diagnostics results are also very much important in the present date for any kind of medical treatment. Without the diagnostics test it is very much difficult for the doctors to determine a disease and that’s why the Crescent Hospital has established its own diagnostics center and laboratory.

The doctors of the Crescent Hospital are one of the finest in the country without any doubt. The doctors of this hospital have completed their medical degrees from reputed medical teaching institutes of the country and have a vast amount of experience in the field of medical care. To know about all the doctors of this particular hospital the patients can visit the website of the hospital. In the website the patients can find all the necessary things they need to know about the hospital and the doctors. The patients can also get an appointment from the website of the hospital.

Crescent Hospital has also a helpline contact number for the patients. These helplines or the hotline numbers are very much needed to run an enterprise like this hospital. Patients can get any kind of information related to the hospital or doctors just by calling at this contact number. The contact number of the Crescent Hospital is: +880-1926-100100.

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