CRP Mirpur Doctor List and Contact Number

Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed

Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed which is commonly known to the most of the people as CRP. This is a hospital and a therapy center for the paralysed people. This hospital and rehabilitation center is one of the finest available in Bangladesh. The service of this hospital is so good that this hospital has gained a worldwide reputation world-wide. Being paralysed is like a curse.

Without proper rehabilitation the people who are disabled can get into serious mental issues due to the mental pressure of being paralysed. But before CRP there was no special kind of hospital or rehabilitation center for the paralysed and the disabled people. CRP not only treats the patients who are paralysed but also the people who are disabled since their birth.

As we all know, the economy and as well as the whole scenario of Bangladesh is changing rapidly. In the last few years Bangladesh has become one of the developing countries of the world. Bangladesh is not an underdeveloped country anymore. With the enormous change in all the sectors of the country, the medical sector of the country has also changed a lot.

These days we can find almost all kinds of treatment available in Bangladesh. The situation has changed a lot as these days we do not need to go abroad like before to seek medical assistance. The whole perspective of the medical sector of Bangladesh has changed for good. These days we can also find hospitals in Bangladesh which are of international standard as well as some specialised hospitals. CRP Mirpur is one of those hospitals.

But the main reason, behind the success of CRP is the affordability of this hospital. This hospital provides medical care which is of international standard but the cost of treatment is just like any other mid-range hospital of the country. That’s why people from all over the country visit this hospital to seek medical assistance.

The name of the hospital suggests where it is located. It is located at Mirpur, Section-14, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This hospital is housed in a six storied building and this hospital treats around 500 patients daily. The indoor capacity of the hospital is around 300 beds which means it can admit up to 300 patients.

All kinds of modern facilities we expect from a hospital these days are available in this hospital. From emergency units to intensive care units all kinds of modern units are available in this particular hospital. The physio-therapy unit of this hospital is of international standard.

The physio-therapy unit of this hospital needs special attention when we are discussing this hospital. The therapists who work here have got their training from all the well-known institutes of the country and some of the therapists also have completed some training from foreign countries.

This hospital has its own diagnostics center and this diagnostics center is full of all the modern equipment. All kinds of diagnostics tests can be done here. Diagnostic centers are very much crucial for all kinds of treatment these days. A hospital is incomplete without a diagnostics center to be honest. Technicians who work in this diagnostics center are experts in their job.

The doctors, consultants, surgeons and the nurses of this hospital are top-notch. The doctors of this hospital are one of the best in the entire South-East Asian region. These doctors have a profound record in the medical care career and have a vast amount of experience.

Some of the doctors who work here also possess medical degrees from overseas. If you are interested in the hospital and want to know more about the services of the hospital then you should visit the website of the CRP. There you can find all the necessary things you need to know about the hospital.

CRP Mirpur Branch also has an emergency contact number. Emergency contact numbers are very much needed for the hospitals these days as these numbers are like bridges between the patient and the hospital. The contact number of the CRP Mirpur Branch is: +880-2-224445464-65.

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