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CRP test is the short of C-reactive protein test. In this test, a meager amount of blood sample is taken and the level of vitamin-C reactive protein is tested. The CRP is exerted from the bloodstream of the liver. The test is advised to take diagnose numerous amount of diseases or disorders. In general, infection, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions are distinguished through the test. The CRP test price list is given underneath with more information to follow.

CRP Test Price In Bangladesh

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CRP Test


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CRP Test (C-reactive Protein Test)

Human body has an internal defense system. Whenever our body encounters some foreign agent (viz. bacteria, virus, chemical, toxins), it starts off its procedure according to the best immunity mechanism. The primary responders (cytokines and inflammatory cells) are sent to the infected or hampered region. They start an inflammatory system and trap the foreign agent inside it.

As it gets trapped, the outer shell wreck and dismantles the harmful object in order to treat the body. As we are very much susceptible to germs and constantly get affected by viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, it is a must for our body to hold on to its immune system. If the CRP report is not in a normal state, the report indicates the immune system is on the verge of downfall. If the doctor can detect inflammation or tumor, he/she can advise the patient to take a CRP test.

When a CRP Test Is Needed

Your doctor or healthcare professional can order you to perform a CRP test upon observing any of the following traits in your body.

  1. Chills
  2. Fever
  3. Tachypnea (Rapid/fast breathing)
  4. Nausea
  5. Increased heart rate
  6. Vomiting

There is also the possibility that the patient is vulnerable to an inflammatory condition. In many cases, the inflammatory disease becomes a chronic one. It is also significant that the possibility of infection can not be ruled out. The patient can face either a rise or decline in CRP level. It is a common factor that, if the level of CRP goes down, the inflammation is on the way to be cured.

Reasons Behind Advising For a CRP Test

C-reactive protein test or CRP test is suggested for the following disorders,

  1. Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection)
  2. Infection from fungus
  3. IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease)
  4. Sepsis or acute bacterial infections
  5. Arthritis in any form
  6. Pelvic inflammation (PID)
  7. Autoimmune disease

The test is also performed when the patient is in a post-surgery state. It helps the doctor to monitor the recovery condition. The report also indicates the condition of the inflammation.

CRP Test (What To Expect)

The test is a fairly easy procedure. You might need to complete some basic paper works in order to take the test. You have to bring some form of authenticated credential for that  and a payment method to pay the charge.

You would be asked to take a chair and the lab attendant would check your vein. The most prominent and fairly visible vein would be taken for the test. The vein located opposite of the elbow is mostly taken for collecting the blood sample. Before taking the sample, the targeted area would be disinfected with an antiseptic or alcohol strip. When ready, a needle tip would be inserted into the vein. This is not that much painful but many people get feared of the needle.

Actually, this needle invasion might feel like a tiny bit of a pinch. After collecting the sample, the skin would be disinfected again and a cotton ball/strip bandage would be provided at that region. The whole process can take up to five minutes. Also, if you want less pain than the needle, you can ask the lab attendant to use a butterfly needle.

What To Expect

The CRP test is time consuming. You can directly go to your home after providing the blood sample. The test is hassle free. It might take a day or two to prepare the test report.

Reference Range Of CRP Test

The normal range or reference value of a CRP test is less than 0.9 mm/dL. Though, there are a few aspects that can differentiate the test result meagerly. So, a slight imbalance with the following causes would not hurt that much. The causes are,

  • Cold
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Gingivitis
  • Insomnia
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Injury
  • Periodontitis

Albeit, older citizens and females are supposed to carry a high rate of CRP. If you have some intricate issues regarding this factor, you are free to ask your doctor or healthcare professional about your problem.

Result Types and Contents

The result of the CRP test is quite like other tests. The test report contains your general credentials at the top. Then, the assessed value of your CRP level is mentioned followed by the reference level of normal CRP level. Finally, there would be remarks on your CRP level. The remark would tell you if the CRP level is high or low or normal as per the reference range.

Indications from a High CRP Level

If you are facing a higher level of CRP in your blood, the reason might be something like, you have some kind of inflammation. Though, the report itself is not that much precise to locate the origin of the inflammation. To locate the infected part, the doctor might ask you to take some other report or can locate the inflammation manually.

Moderate or Marked Level of CRP

As the reference range is up to 0.9 ml/dL, anything beyond this would be taken as an elevation. There are two types of elevation. The present range between 1.0 to 10.0 ml/dL CRP is called mild or moderate elevation. Moderate elevation of CRP is an indicator of a few conditions. These are bronchitis, pancreatitis, systemic inflammation, autoimmune conditions, heart attack, etc.

On the other hand, if you have CRP level at a range of more than 10.0 ml/dL, your CRP level would be taken as a marked elevation. In such cases, few disorders might be considered. These are, viral infections, major injury or trauma, systemic vasculitis, acute bacterial infections, etc. Although, if you have a lower CRP, there is no such reason to worry about it.

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