CSCR Hospital Doctor List

CSCR is a renowned hospital in Chittagong, a divisional mega city in Bangladesh. The hospital is located at Nizam Road, Chittagong. It is a landmark place in Chittagong. The hospital has its personal ambulance service and special care ICU for them. The hospital started its journey in 1986 with some basic treatment efforts and modern ultrasonography at that time. Soon they started gaining exposure and became a famous name in the city.

There is a bunch of information about CSCR hospital in this article along with a list of doctors. You can have more information about the hospital if you visit their facility in person. You would also get a custom brochure about their services from the reception area.

With increasing public demand, CSCR started a wide range of diagnostic services and healthcare services in the year 2007. This time they started with a larger complex and a range of specialist doctors. Chittagong is one of the biggest cities in Bangladesh and it is a great concern for people to get professional healthcare services. CSCR is providing complete care regarding health aspects and the experienced surgery professionals are operating with great accuracy and appreciation. They are providing services to people around the clock.

The hospital has an executive health check-up package and offers a thorough check-up of health. Almost all the aspects of wellness are checked-up under this package. The tests under this package are Fasting Blood Sugar, Kidney Test, Lipid Profile Test, Hematology report, Electrocardiogram, USG, and Urine examination.

Other aspects of the hospital

The hospital is not only limited to providing special care to the patients but also takes part in a wide range of social care and in helping poor people. Chittagong is a coastal area and becomes affected by natural disasters often. To help the marginal people of the country, CSCR hospital also provides relief to the people affected by the disaster.

They often arrange a scientific seminars on medical aspects at various places of Chittagong. So, their services are not concentrated to just one aspect but rather having different wings under their umbrella to take care of the deprived people of the location.

CSCR hospital diagnosis services

There is a wide range of services in CSCR hospital and acclaimed for providing accurate reports. The available diagnoses are ERCP, ECG, CAG, MRI, Digital X-Ray, BMD, Colonoscopy, Echocardiography, and Holter Monitor. Along with these services, there are a few other common diagnosis services that include Endoscopy, C.T. Scan, Fibro Scan, ETT, Ambulatory BP Monitor, Biochemistry, PCR, PPM, PAG, Spirometry, etc. In most of the cases patients need a prescription to perform the test. Though, if it is a regulatory health check-up, people can go to the hospital and provide a sample in order to get a test done.

Training services

To help build a productive nation, CSCR has started providing training and education. The organization have started an institute named “Institute of Medical Technology (IMT) under their venture. It is the seventh batch of the institute who are going through medical training courses and the previous attendees who have passed the test are now serving the nation with their learnings.

Additional facilities

In the year 2012, the hospital had acquired a land of 27 decimals along with a two-storeyed building. This building is dedicated to heart patients. This is a special unit of CSCR and has been named “Stroke Unit” to care for health. The hospital has also widened the land of its main premises to an area of 20 decimals with a view to provide services to a larger number of people.

Phone connectivity

It is a great relief for the patients to have a chat with an executive of the hospital. Anyone can reach the hotline number of the hospital from their phone or cellphone. The phone number of CSCR hospital is +88 031 656565. If you have some detailed queries, you can send an email to them to their official email address. The official email address of this hospital is <>

Services and amenities

The hospital is equipped with 24 hours of backup generator services. There has been availed separate room for breastfeeding mothers. A standby firefighter team has been placed all around the clock to support in case of any emergency. It is also a matter of concern for a lot of patients to have healthy and safe drinking water. The hospital is providing people with fresh drinking water at free of cost and releasing the pressure of many of the patients.

Testing and Reagent

The histopathology and chemical tests need a great range of accuracy in terms of having an accurate test report. For this reason, the labs are provided with world-class reagents. The lab assistants and attendees are highly trained and dedicated to their services. The labs are separate from the general people and the movements are restricted within the perimeter. Diagnosis of CSCR has been found highly accurate and has gained trust among the people for a long time proper service in this case.

CSCR Hospital Doctor List

Doctor List
Professor Dr. M. A. Kashem


Nephrology Specialist

Dr. Muna Islam

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), BCS (Health)

Professor Dr. Md. Gofranul Hoque

MBBS; FCPS (Medicine)

Internal Medicine Specialist

Professor Dr. Mahbub Kamal Chowdhury

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine).

Medicine Specialist

Dr. Zinnat Fatema Sayera Safa

MBBS, MCPS, FCPS (Medicine)

Dr. Tarek Shams

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Internal Medicine Specialist

Professor Dr. Faridul Islam

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine).

Internal Medicine Specialties

Professor Dr. Md. Amir Hossain

MBBS; FCPS (Medicine).

Medicine Specialist

Dr. Md. Qumrul Ahsan


Radiology & Imaging

Professor Dr.M A Faiz

MBBS, Ph.D. (UK), FCPS (Edin), FCPS (Medicine)

Specialist in Medicine, Neuromedicine, Tropical & Infection Diseases, Toxicology

Professor Dr. Emran Bin Yunus


Nephrology and Medicine Specialist

Dr. Masihuzzaman (Alpha)

MBBS, MCPS(Medicine), MD( Neuromedicine)

Medicine and Neuromedicine

Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin

MBBS, MCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Medicine)

Specialist in Medicine

Dr. Mehrunnissa Khanom

Specialist in Internal Medicine

MRCP (UK), FRCP (Glasgow)

Dr. Syed Selim Sarwar


Specialist in Internal Medicine


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