D Dimer Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

In D Dimer test, the thrombosis technique is tested. D Dimer test tells if there is a problem in blood clotting. The central outlying hypothesis of this test is the presence of fibrinolysis and its condition. Fibrinolysis is the protein assigned within the blood to prevent blood clotting. The usual process of fibrinolysis is just to be present on the antibody. This antibody does not get affected until a lot of coagulation or adjoint pressure is put into any place of the body that has underlying blood floating underneath the skin.

Reason for taking the D Dimer

The test itself is taken to see if there is a snake bite infected person has got the symptoms of an unusual blood clotting. It is not the only case for which this test could be suggested but it is the most common phenomenon. In many cases, the snake might not be venomous but it can be very serious if not so.

The procedure hampered

Usually, if there is a cut, the blood flows through that area like a drain. Due to the presence of fibrinolysis, the few particles of the flowing blood coagulate and create net-like structures. These structures start collecting the blood particles in their net and when the particles create a multi-structured layer or numerous layers in one place, the serum flow and the liquid flow gets stopped by the blockage of particles. This process is called or termed thrombosis.

The origin of the place

If there is any need to take the test, it is required to examine, which place has irregular blood clotting. In the case of a snake bite, the venom goes into the incision and flows for a bit or a long. If the venom goes into the heart, it would stop the heart’s function. The organophosphates (mainly) are the reason for stopping the heart’s function.

Though, the case is not always checking the heart condition but locating the region of thrombosis that has caused it. If the thrombosis is placed somewhere rather than the opening, it might be a blockage to the blood flow to the rear region connected to it. For example, if it is lower than the knee, the ankles might be affected heavily.

D Dimer Test Price In Bangladesh

D Dimer price has been set lowest to 1100 taka. Though, it can go up to 3200 taka in private organizations. You can avail yourself a good quality D Dimer test within 1500 taka at your disposal.


You can connect to the nearest hospital if you are affected by any snake bite or some other injurious bites. The other bites of animals can also have a diversified effect on the body and it is a priority to treat it as early as possible. So, it would be as better to reach the healthcare destination in hurry.


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