Delta Healthcare Mirpur Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

As the days are passing by, the medical care sector of the whole world is becoming more and more advanced. We know that in the past a lot of people in the world did not have the privilege of getting good medical care. But the time has changed a lot in the last few decades and the medical sector of our world has gained new heights. The number of people who did not have any kind of availability to modern treatment are also getting a good amount of treatment whenever they need it.

Bangladesh is a developing country and the demand for good medical care has been increasing here since the beginning of the millennia. For this reason, a lot of private corporations have opened up a number of international standard private hospitals in Bangladesh and most of these hospitals are situated at the heart of the capital of Bangladesh.

The economic condition of Bangladesh is also becoming better with the passage of time. In Dhaka we can find not only the high-end private hospitals but also the mid-range ones. Mid-range private hospitals of Dhaka are very good where you can get good medical care at an affordable cost.

Delta Healthcare Mirpur Ltd is one of the reputed mid-range private hospitals of Dhaka. Delta Healthcare is a very popular name among the people of Dhaka. This group owns several private hospitals in Dhaka and in the other major cities of the country. Delta Healthcare Mirpur Ltd is situated at Mirpur-11, Dhaka.

The hospital is housed in an eight storied building and around 200 patients can be admitted into this hospital. The hospital is well-organized and very well-planed. This hospital can provide all kinds of service a patient expects from a hospital which is of international standard. Emergency unit is a very essential feature for any hospital we can think of today.

Delta Healthcare Mirpur Ltd has thought of that and they have an emergency unit at the hospital. This emergency unit is up and running 24/7. People also expect and sometimes demand that the good hospitals should provide ambulance service and Delta Healthcare has its own 24/7 ambulance service. This hospital also has its own diagnostics unit and the rate of tests is quite affordable.

Diagnostic tests play a very essential part in detecting a disease or illness. The doctors are also quite reliable on the diagnostic test results these days as the diseases are becoming more complex. The diagnostics center of Delta Healthcare is of international standard and the technicians who operate them have a good amount of experience in the field.

When we are talking about a hospital it is a necessary thing to discuss the manpower of the hospital. If the manpower of a hospital is not good enough then the equipment alone can not cure the patients. The doctors, surgeons, nurses and all the other staff of the hospital are very much experienced and have a very good track record. Most of the doctors who work in this hospital possess a huge experience in the field of medical science and some of the doctors of this hospital have foreign medical degrees.

The success rate of the surgeons of this hospital is good too. So, if you are interested in getting a medical check up from this hospital or if you have any kind of query about the doctors then just visit the website or the Facebook page of the hospital and you will find all kinds of information there. You can also send them a text message about your queries and the support team will reach you as soon as they see the text.

People think that it is a waste of time when they have to go to a hospital to know about the doctors or if they have any kind of inquiry. Everyone uses a phone these days and they expect to get the details over the phone. Delta Healthcare also has its own emergency contact number and the number is: +88-0290-29901.

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