Delta Hospital Ltd (Uttara) Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

As human beings we need some things to survive. Without these essential things no human being can survive for much longer on earth. These essential things or rights are called fundamental rights. Fundamental rights are the most basic and essential human rights of human beings. There are a number of rights which fall under the roof of fundamental rights and the right of medical care is one of them.

Medical care is a basic human need. Medical care helps a man to overcome his illness or illnesses and without proper medical attention we will suffer and die an early death most probably. As we all know, in the past a huge proportion of the people have died just because back then we did not have modern medical facilities.

But over the years, the medical sector got huge importance and people all over the world have come to an agreement that medical care is one of the basic needs of a human being. The hospitals we see these days are the aftermath of a gradual process.

With the development of science and technology, the medical sector also thrived more than we can have ever imagined. These days the doctors have solutions for most of the diseases except a few. The other branches of the medical sector have also been developed a lot in the last few years. Vaccines and pharmaceutical products are also very much important to treat people properly and these things have also developed a lot in the last few years.

Like the rest of the world, Bangladesh has also put a lot of emphasis on the medical sector and these days we can find a number of international class public and private hospitals all around the country. But the medical scenario of Bangladesh was not always advanced as today. In the past there were a number of good public hospitals in Bangladesh but these hospitals are unable to provide medical care to a huge number of people at the same time.

As we know, Bangladesh is a densely populated country and for that reason it is impossible for the public hospitals to treat all these people. That’s why the demand for private hospitals increased over the years. But the problem is most of the private hospitals were not that good in the past and for that reason a lot of patients had to go abroad to seek medical assistance.

But the private medical sector of Bangladesh has developed at a rapid pace after the late 1980’s. From that time on a number of good private hospitals have started their operation here in Bangladesh. Some of the world’s best hospital chains have also opened branches here. The Delta Hospital is also a local chain of hospitals which is available in Dhaka and many other cities of Bangladesh.

The name Delta Hospital has become a brand over the years. The quality of the treatment of this hospital is mind blowing and the money you need to get treatment from Delta hospital is very cheap compared to the other hospitals. All the branches of the Delta hospital are the same and all the branches are equipped with all the modern equipment.

The Uttara branch of the hospital is situated at Abdullahpur, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the eastern side of the Abdullahpur bus stand the hospital is situated. In a seven storied building the hospital is housed. The bed count of this hospital is around 250.

Which makes it one of the largest private hospitals of the area. This hospital is running 24/7 and an emergency unit can also be found here. Besides, this hospital also has its diagnostics center, intensive care units and all the other facilities you expect from a hospital these days.

The doctors who work in this hospital are one of the finest and most of the people around here have vast experience in the field of medical care. The doctor list of the hospital is available at the website of the hospital. This hospital also has a hotline contact number and the number is: +880-1787-661376.

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