Dhaka Medical College Hospital Doctor List 2023

Dhaka Medical College Hospital is a very highly facilitated and acclaimed hospital in Dhaka. It is one of the most prominent medical destinations in Bangladesh as well. Though the hospital is a landmark point of Dhaka generally known as DMC or Dhaka Medical College but the formal address of the hospital is 13/A, Secretariat Road, Dhaka.

You can find the nation’s few most chosen and glorified doctors in this hospital. To get the doctor list, you can call the institute’s land phone numbers or cell phone numbers. There are three official phone numbers of Dhaka Medical College Hospital which are +8802-55165143, +8802-55165145, and +8802-55165130. The cell phone or mobile number of the hospital is 01886586753. If you want to place a detailed query, you could consider sending them an email and having a conversation along the way. The email number of the hospital is, <<dmch@hospi.dghs.gov.bd>>

You can also get all kinds of diagnostic facilities from the hospital at the most reasonable price. Being a Government funded and authorized hospital, it can not raise the price above the bars of the charge is fixed as it was. Also, you can get treated at a token price from the hospital. Nonetheless, these low-cost prices attract many people from all over the country who are having intricate diseases. Regardless of all of these facts, you are supposed to get high-quality treatment from this hospital and if you can manage your stay outside of the hospital, that would be best for you.

Health Concern:

Today’s health concern is not a generic health problem or its solution. Rather the discussion is simply on literacy and motivation. Bangladeshi citizens have every right to be parents, but knowledge about developing their children or literacy about raising children is poorly observed in a mammoth number of people.

As long as we can not build a healthy generation, our nation is going to be deprived. A malnutritioned or unhealthy bulk of people are going to suffer individually along with the parent and the country. Before having children, our parents should be taught enough about the procedures to raise children, basic healthcare, vaccination, nutrition, hygiene, etc. Just running to the medical facilities when a problem appears is not going to solve the problem.

We need a sustainable plan for having good health and having adequate knowledge is the only solution. Without a basic or proper comprehension, we have to run to the doctors multiple times and have to face diseases in a chronic manner.

Moreover, we have to teach our children about nutrition, cleanliness, and basic health concerns from the beginning. It can make them more aware of the problems and help build a healthy nation. Not only the parents should be aware or careful about teaching them but the teachers also have to take a step forward and teach them basic healthcare concerns along with their studies.

Even though the city parents are careful about feeding their children enough food but they lack the knowledge of nutritional balance which results in an overweight or obese group of people. It has been a tough ask nowadays to get properly healthy individuals. A sedentary lifestyle, the pressure of education with coaching centres, and the association with mobile gaming or pc gaming are simply taking the outdoor games away from our children. It can make the upcoming nation mentally weak and physically as well.

Last but not the least, there is a question to ask society about their thinking or their point of view. Our society is cherishing fat or obese people with healthy remarks or a better tag. But, does society really know what actual healthy is? The answer is, “a body that has 5% or less body fat with good immunity”. A change in perspective should be brought and proper knowledge is there to be disseminated. Follow our other articles to know about health problems and other medical concerns.

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