Dhaka PG Hospital Doctor List 2023

Dhaka PG Hospital is located at the heart of Dhaka which is Shahbag. It is commonly known as PG hospital which stands for the postgraduate hospital because it is the only hospital known for granting postgraduate degrees to medical students. The formal name of PG hospital is BSMMU which stands for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University.

PG hospital was inaugurated during the year of 1965. Later the hospital has gone through many modifications, amendments, and renovations which brought it to the highest standard of today’s state-or-art class. The institute has been acknowledged for awarding postgraduate degrees since 1998. It has been the highest trusted healthcare service institution in Bangladesh.

PG hospital is not only eminent for its treatment quality but also for its research functionality. The postgraduation scope for medical students in Bangladesh is very limited. Though the Government has taken steps to facilitate higher studies for medical students through this institute. Medical students and doctors who have completed their graduation or MBBS degree from any accredited medical institute can eye for the peak of their studies and are eligible to apply for their postgraduate degree at PG hospital.

If you want the list of the doctors you should just call the main access operator for this reason. The access operators would provide you with the list of the doctor. The phone numbers of the access operators are 02 55165760-94. There are 35 phone numbers in it. So, you have to change the last couple of digits from 60 to 94 if you can not connect some of these or if any line is busy. These are mainly land phone numbers but you are good to dial them from your cell phones also upon having proper credit on your SIM card.

You can also dial the phone number 09611677777 if you want to connect via your cell phone. You can talk to an administrative professional on this number and can obtain the list of doctors as per the nature of your disease. But, the best thing would be to reach the facility in-person for your having the doctor list.

The hospital also has a diagnostic center for serving patients with the highest level of diagnosis at an affordable price. Even for those who can not bear the costs of diagnosis and treatments, the Government carry the burden of their treatments and diagnosis and provide them free treatment upon discretion from the doctors.

The only problem associated with the PG hospital is the accommodation. People from distant regions and from different classes appear at this hospital expecting better healthcare and treatment. It is almost impossible for them to afford private accommodation in Dhaka on top of the medical expenses and food expenses. So, the overall accommodation condition is a little bit crowdy.

If you are from a middle-class family in Bangladesh and expecting better treatment, you can simply manage your stay outside of the hospital and appear as per your appointment. Also, if you have to stay at the hospital for surgery and have to wait for a bed until the previous patients get released, manage your clothing and bedding prerequisites.

You get higher quality treatments and a high level of attention from this hospital while you are being treated here. Because the attendees are the brightest doctors of Bangladesh and also the nurses are experts due to their experience. Such a level of treatment even exceeds the quality of the highest-level private hospitals.

It is not mandatory that you should always look for treatment from the capital only. Rather, the distant region hospitals and diagnostic centers are fully capable of quality healthcare nowadays. Surgeries are also being performed at high levels in district regions in Bangladesh. If your health problem is critical, you should definitely seek a higher level of treatment from renowned hospitals like PG hospital but it might not be the prominent case always.

It would be much appreciated if you can take health precautions before falling victim to a disease. For this, you have to have proper knowledge about your health parameters. It is neither very complicated nor needs technical knowledge to follow. Only your concerned care can save a lot of money that could have been wasted on treatment.

Only having rice at full throttle would never make you healthier. Instead, the nutrient values from different types of food can provide you with different variations of nutrients that are necessary. Only having rice would simply increase your carb limit and sugar limit in your blood. But, vegetables and fruits are full of invaluable vitamins and minerals at the same time. One should think about the micronutrient values before considering the carb intake. The micronutrients involve vitamins and minerals.

The micronutrients should be prioritized within your food and first consider availing these into the menus of your plate. These micronutrients contribute to your immunity and finally to a healthy body. Remember, just a bulky body is not enough until you have a healthy body with adequate bone density and muscle density. So, think about the quality of health before measuring a fat body.

On the other hand, the fat body can hamper your lipid profile. If you lose the balance of your lipid profile, the reason might be simple, you have gained more amount of cholesterol than average. These cholesterols can deposit over time on your heart arteries and create blood pressure and heart attacks.

Those who are capable enough to have good food should also care about a healthy lifestyle and proper exercise. A lack of exercise or calorie burning, your mind gets dull and the body gets obese. A scheduled exercise is acknowledged in real terms and mostly to the aged people.

Health factors are not limited to a certain few parameters but are a sum of different activities. One should value having nutritious food, a healthy workout, and a tidy lifestyle. One should never underestimate the significance of cleanliness. It keeps us free from parasites and makes us less vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. An orderly manner over the whole family can save us a lot of money which might get supposed to be lost on health treatments.

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