Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited Doctor List and Contact Phone Number

Day by day the world is changing at a great pace. Everything around us has changed a lot in the last few years. From communication technology to all the other aspects of our life the world has changed by much. Like everything else the medical care system of the whole world has gone through a huge change. The medical care system of Bangladesh has also changed dramatically like the rest of the world.

Medical care has developed by much in the last few years as many new world class hospitals have launched their services in the country. There were a lot of good public hospitals available in our countries before but the lack of good private hospitals is the reason why the medical sector of Bangladesh suffered in the past.

Nowadays we can find a lot of world class private hospitals in Bangladesh. Besides, many mid-range private hospitals also arrived in the medical sector of Bangladesh. Mid-range private hospitals play a very important part in a country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country and most of the people here do not have the money to afford high-end medical care, that’s why the mid-range hospitals are very much important in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited Doctor List

The Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital is one of the established mid-range hospitals of Bangladesh. This hospital is situated at Dhanmondi, a commercial hub of Bangladesh. The name of the hospital suggests that it is a specialized hospital for kidney treatment. But do not think that this hospital only treats the patients of kidney disease. You can find almost all kinds of modern medical care treatment in this hospital.

The Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited is housed in a 3 storied building in Dhanmondi and around 150 patients can be admitted into this hospital. To become a successful hospital, a hospital has to have a lot of things like a diagnostics center, all the modern equipment of medicine, the medical sector and a lot of other things.

This hospital also has a model pharmacy from where the patients can buy the medicines at a very reasonable price. This hospital also provides 24/7 ambulance service. Emergency departments are one of the crying needs of today’s world and for that reason the hospital has also established an emergency department.

Besides all the modern medical equipment, doctors are one of the most important things for a hospital. The doctors of this particular hospital are well-educated and well-trained. The surgeons of this hospital are well-known for their skillfulness. These surgeons have helped a lot of patients in the last few years. The nurses and the other medical staff of this hospital are also very friendly and have vast experience in the field of medical care.

Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited Contact Phone Number

The demand and the necessity of Kidney specialized hospitals is increasing day by day. The complications of people related to kidney disease are increasing on a huge scale these days. When the people of Bangladesh were looking for a hospital where they can get a good kidney treatment at an affordable cost, they found the Dhanmondi General and Kidney Hospital Limited.

We talked earlier that the doctors of this particular hospital are very skillful and have a good amount of experience at their disposal. The doctors of this hospital got their formal training and education from one of the best medical institutions of the country. If as a patient you want to know more about the doctors and the doctors list of this hospital then you can go to the Facebook page of this hospital. You can also call at their helpline number as the hospital has no website. You can also message at their Facebook page for more info.

The hospital has an emergency contact number where one can call whenever they want. This contact number is online 24/7. If you have any kind of inquiry related to the hospital or the doctors, then you can surely call at this number without any kind of hesitation. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-02-9670372.

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