Doctor List of Square Hospital Dhaka 2023

If you search for a few of the most designated hospitals in Bangladesh, Square Hospital would definitely be on top of the list. It is located in a central area of Dhaka named Panthapath. The hospital is mainly known for the quality of its services and renowned list of doctors. The address of the hospital is 18F, Bir Uttam Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, West Panthapath, Dhaka. If you are having trouble locating the area, you can find it on google maps as well.

For the doctor list, you can visit the hospital premises or find it online. You can just make a call to their phone number or landline number for having the list of the doctors. You can also call their hotline number for a quick response or avail of their services. The associated phone numbers of Square hospital are +88028144400 and +88028142431. The most convenient hotline number of the hospital is 10616. FYI, the cell phone number of Square hospital is 01713141447.

The stay in Square Hospital is relatively high. You should think about your finances before making a decision about your treatment regardless of the place from which you are having the healthcare solution.


Health Concern (Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Autism is a brain disorder that results in a drastic failure in human behavior, especially in social aspects. Generally, children at an early age are victims of this disease and they fail to interact with society, establish effective communication and fail to be properly developed human beings.


The symptoms of this disease start as early as one year of age but in many cases are not properly understood by parents or others. Though, the traits are clearly visible between the age of 18 to 24 months.Generally, the children do not make eye contact upon interaction and fail to react upon calling their names. These children avoid cuddling and hugging. Moreover, they do not understand the values of love and affection. These children are not able to use their voices properly and fail to comprehend words as well. Overall, you can see an unusual behavioral pattern in their overall conduct.


It is medically proven that children acquire this disease from their previous genetic background. It is possible that either of their parents might possess this disease in a dormant form which might take an active form in their children. Although, recent studies have also found that a number of medications, adverse environmental factors, and pollutants might cause this disease also.


There is no direct medication available that can treat autism. Many doctors recommend antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs but are yet to be proven enough worthy. The most positive approach to this disease is to treat the children with special care. The children are often taught according to the level of their comprehension and special study approaches are taken to ease their lifestyle and behavior. Here the family members play a mammoth role in the welfare of the children. The parents have to be highly supportive and encouraging to facilitate a beautiful life for their children.

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