Dr. A R Khan Hospital Doctor List and Contact Number

There is no doubt that the medical care sector of Bangladesh has gained new heights in the last few decades. Many people have suffered a lot due to the less accommodation in the well-known public hospitals in Bangladesh and the problem is still not solved.

As we all know that the population of Bangladesh is well above average, if we compare it with the other countries of the world and the population density of our country is also very much high. In these conditions it is very much a task for the public hospitals to do all the work and for that reason the people of Bangladesh felt the necessity of some good private hospitals.

Many new private world-class hospitals have emerged in the medical sector of Bangladesh and some of the hospitals also gained world-class standards. But the problem is not all the people cannot afford these world-class hospitals as most of the people in Bangladesh do not have that kind of economic condition. For this reason, the mid-range hospitals play a very crucial role in the medical field of Bangladesh. Dr. A R Khan Hospital is one of the renowned mid-range hospitals of Bangladesh. Though it is a mid-range hospital, the service of this hospital is top-notch.

Dr. A R Khan Hospital is situated at Harirampur, Darussalam, Mirpur, Dhaka. The hospital compartment is housed in an eight storied building and at the same time around 100 patients can be admitted into this hospital. This is not the one of the biggest hospitals in Dhaka city but the capacity of this hospital is quite good. In this hospital we can find all kinds of modern machineries related to the medical sector.

These days it is a necessary job for the hospitals to buy and use all kinds of modern technology available out there. Otherwise, the patients do not want to go to the hospitals which do not have any kind of modern technology.

This hospital has its own diagnostics center and laboratory. We have seen in the past that most of the hospitals did not have any kind of diagnostics support but the situation is changing rapidly and the hospitals which are very much concerned with their service try to provide diagnostics support. Diagnostic tests play a very important part in determining a disease. Dr. A R Khan Hospital also has its 24/7 up and running ambulance service. There is also a pharmacy available in the hospital and there you can find all kinds of medicine you need.

In recent times this hospital also introduced a bunch of new packages for the patients and this helps the patients to pay even less amount of money. This hospital is a very affordable hospital as the cost of treatment is very much less here. This hospital though a mid-range hospital has intensive care units. Intensive care units are very much needed for the patients who are facing some serious health issues. If a hospital is unable to provide these intensive care units, then the situation can turn into a disastrous event. That’s why this hospital has established intensive care units.

The doctors of this hospital may not be the best in the country but the doctors who work here are really passionate about their job and have the ability to tackle critical situations. These doctors have graduated from all the well-known medical colleges and universities.

These doctors also have a very good track record in terms of serving patients. The surgeons and all the other medical staff of the hospital are also very much experienced and are known for their good service. To know more about the doctors and when the doctors see new patients, you have to visit the website of the hospital.

These days it is a very essential thing for a hospital to have an emergency contact number or helpline number. Dr. A R Khan Hospital also has its emergency contact number and the number is: +880-19772-559804.

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