Dr. Amanat Khan Hospital and Diagnostics Center Doctor List and Contact Number

The population of Bangladesh is pretty high if we compare it with the other countries of the world. Our country is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. Making sure that all of these people get all the proper medical services they need is a very difficult job for any government. That’s why a number of private hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of Bangladesh.

These private hospitals have made life easy for all the individuals who live in Bangladesh. Most of these private hospitals are situated in Dhaka. As the capital of the country a huge number of people are currently living in this city and new parts of the city are being urbanized by these people.

Mirpur is one of the neighborhoods which gained popularity and the attention of the people in recent years and this area is developing at a very fast pace. The number of residents is also increasing day by day in this particular area. That’s why the demand for hospitals is increasing here rapidly. Dr. Amanat Khan Hospital and Diagnostics Center is one of the hospitals which is very much reputed in this particular area.

This hospital is a mid-range private hospital and the number of beds is around 70 which is not that much but the service and the affordable cost of this hospital has made it one of the best in the neighborhood. This hospital is situated at Mirpur-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This hospital is housed in a twelve storied building and the hospital uses four floors of that building.

The bed number of this hospital may be limited but the service of this hospital is not like any other average hospital. This hospital has its own 24/7 ambulance service and most of the modern equipment needed to run a hospital these days. Intensive care units are one of the crying needs of the hospital these days and this hospital has a number of intensive care units. Dr. Amanat Khan Hospital and Diagnostics center also has its pharmacy section at the ground floor of the hospital so that the patients do not need to go to other places to buy medicines.

Diagnostic tests play a very important role in modern medical science as the doctors give a lot of emphasis on the test results and according to the test results the doctors determine what to do. That’s why the Dr. Amanat Khan Hospital and Diagnostics Center have created their own diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory. But do not think that the cost of tests is very much high here as this hospital only has the most advanced and latest equipment. The cost tests are very much reasonable here. It is great when a hospital has its own diagnostics center and the patients do not need to go anywhere else which lessens a lot of suffering.

When there is a discussion going on about a hospital it is necessary to address the doctors, consultants and surgeons of the hospital. The doctors and the consultants who work in this hospital have a good amount of experience in the field of medical care and these doctors have a good record of treating patients. But there are no surgeons here as this hospital does not do any kind of surgeries at the moment.

But the hospital has a plan to expand its area of service and include surgeons. Other than the doctors, all the other staff of the hospital such as nurses, support team and the technicians of the hospital know how to deal with a patient. If you want to know more about this hospital and the doctors who work here just go to the website of the hospital. On the website of the hospital, we can find all the details.

Having an emergency contact number or helpline number is a must for a hospital these days. These numbers help the hospitals to get connected with the patients 24/7 and the contact number of this hospital is: +880-1677-732968.

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