Dr. Azmal Hospital Ltd Doctor List and Contact Number

We all have heard that, “Health is wealth”. It is one of the oldest and most popular proverbs that we can find these days. The proverb is very much true. Most of the time we take our health for granted but when we fall ill even if it is only a seasonal fever, the situation gets worse for most of the people. The normal life of a human being hampers a lot when they fall ill and when the illness is very much bigger than the seasonal fever it is obvious, we need to see a doctor and sometimes get admitted to a hospital.

As the days are passing by, the importance of the hospitals are increasing more and more. The complications related to people’s health are also increasing. That’s why a lot of good hospitals have emerged in the medical scenario of the world. People these days only want the best for them.

With the passage of time the technology around us has evolved a lot and with the evolution in technology, the medical sector has also adapted itself to the technology. We can also say that the medical industry is very much dependent on technology these days as are the other sectors of society. Like the rest of the world many new international standard hospitals have emerged in the medical care system of Bangladesh.

Dr. Azmal Hospital is one of those hospitals. This hospital is named after the honorable Chairman of the hospital Dr. Mir Azmal Ali. This hospital is located at the heart of Dhaka city at Plot no. #5, Road no. #4, Block #A, Section #6, Mirpur, Dhaka. Back in 2005 the hospital started its journey, but the official operation of this hospital started back on 14th February, 2006. The main vision behind the foundation of this hospital was to provide world class medical care to the people of Bangladesh at a very low cost.

The hospital is located in a twelve storied building and around 20 departments are available at this hospital. Around 300 patients can be admitted into this hospital at any given time. This hospital is designed to perform under high pressure situations. This hospital has its emergency unit and this unit is up and running 24/7. Dr. Azmal Hospital has its own diagnostics center and a high-tech laboratory available to its possession.

All these things are very much essential to run a hospital in this 21st century. The hospital has its own ambulance service available for the patients. All kinds of modern medical machinery are also available in this hospital. But the cost of treatment in this hospital is affordable to almost all classes of people.

This hospital also has all kinds of modern intensive care units like the ICU, CCU, NICU, ICCU and many others. These modern intensive care units are very essential these days for a hospital which is trying to maintain the world class standard at their services.

Doctors, surgeons, nurses and all the other medical staff of a hospital are the most important parts of a hospital. it doesn’t matter how modern and advanced technology you have at a hospital without the good manpower, the equipment is worthless.

For this reason, the Dr. Azmal Hospital has hired the best doctors and surgeons for the hospital. These doctors, surgeons, nurses and the other medical staff of the hospital are well experienced and have a distinguished medical career. These people also acquired their respected professional medical degrees from the well-known medical institutes of Bangladesh.

These days the hospitals upload all the necessary details about the hospital and the doctors at the website of the hospital so that the patients can get access to this information whenever they need it. The Dr. Azmal Hospital has done the same thing.

The hospital also has a helpline contact number and the patients can call here whenever they want without any kind of hesitation as this helpline contact number is active 24/7. The contact number of the hospital is: +880-1716-857717.

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