Echo Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Echo or Echocardiography test is an assessment where the ultrasonic sound frequency is used to determine the nature of the disease. There are a number of tests conducted with the help of echo. A list of tests and their formal prices are listed in the table below. Also, you can follow along until the end of the article to know about all of your conveniences regarding echo tests.

Name of Echo Test

Price (BDT/Taka)

Color Doppler


Dobutamine Stress Echo (DSE)


Alpha Bed (Per Day)


ABG (Per Test)






Carotid Duplex


2D M-mode




Paediatric Color Doppler (Below 5 years)




Paediatric Color Doppler (Under anesthesia)


Oxygen (Per Hour)


Holter Monitor


Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI for CRT)


Peripheral Duplex (upper/lower limb)


Transoesophageal Echo (TEE)


3D Echo for SVR


Nebulization (Each)


About The Test

Echo test is mainly performed to examine heart issues. If the patient is suffering from any cardiac disease or heart-related problem, the doctor is supposed to ask the patient to appear for the test. If the heart’s structure is not in proper shape or having any anomaly, the test can show it in it’s report.

Also, if there is a problem with the function, the test can give an indication according to the timestamps. In this test, a probe is placed which emits ultrasound frequency or waves and simultaneously captures the timestamp when it bounces back. These sound reports are collected and processed within the processor.

Finally, an image appears like the absolute in 2D or 3D. The test is taken from different angles of the heart and also the timestamps are different. The patients are asked to walk or perform some activity to elevate their heart rate. This would give an indication to the doctor about the heart activity in an agitated state. It is much common and can be told a must for the doctor to perform an EKG test for free before advising this test. EKG test is not that much hard. The doctor can do this test by using a stethoscope. While performing EKG, the doctor would ask the patient to take long breath and also to hold their breath for bits.

Reason for Prescribing This Test

In most cases, heart patients are asked to take the echo test. If the patient is new and has not been exposed to heart diseases before, the doctor can suggest the patient as per the symptoms of fainting, shortage of breath, shortened breath, fatigue, weakness, etc.

Before The Test Precautions

It is not mandatory for the patient to take any precautionary measures. The test also does not require any kind of screening test before appearing to the original diagnosis process. If you have previous health issues, the doctors might recommend you to some advanced centers for your convenience.

Time Span

The whole process might need about an hour to conclude and you have to reach there a few minutes before the test. The diagnostic center or the hospital might need some basic paperwork from you to let you in the test. So, you have to keep some additional time before the test at your disposal. 


You can not appear to the test with your usual apparel. You have to wear custom wear recommended by the hospital to appear for the test. Though, there is no reason to worry about that. Almost all the hospitals and diagnostic centers have those loose gowns for patients who attain the test.


The doctors might ask you to fill up a form with your credentials before you get permission to attain the test. In order to satisfy this reason, you are supposed to get asked to bring your national identity card, health insurance card, a satisfactory method of payment, etc. If you have previous health insurance, you need to bring that card and also have to convey the message about the test to the authorized personnel of the insurance company or corporation. Albeit, there would be a referral form in which you have to put all your credentials correctly without any kind of discrepancies.

Impediment of This Test

This test is all about the shape and form of the heart in real time and according to the timestamps at normal or agitated states. It is not possible for the echo device to locate any blockage within the arteries. To know about the blockages and their placements, the cardiac catheterization test is performed. In this test, the coronary arteries are tested closely with accuracy and precision. In some cases, few patients have thick chest walls. This is called emphysema. If the patient has emphysema, it is tough for the echo machine to report the exact shape of the heart. In such cases, another test is advised which is known as a transesophageal echocardiogram.

Techniques of Echo Test

There are numerous techniques by which the test can be performed. This mainly depends on the stipulation of doctors. A few kind of echo tests and their techniques are mentioned underneath.

Two-Dimensional or 2D Echo Test

This is the most common method of approaching heart disease or disorder at the beginning level. The test takes the data and process a 2D image from the computer. Most of the time, slacks of reports with different timestamps are asked. In few cases, the doctor stack a number of images and help create a 3D Echo report.

Three-Dimensional or 3D Echo Test

This test is much more efficient and a recently adopted technology. The diagnostic machinery are also expensive to buy. In this test, 3D images are reported according to separate aspects of the heart. It also shows how the heart is pumping blood right now. The 3D Echo test is more accurate than 2D test.

Doppler Ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound reports the direction of blood within veins and arteries of the heart. Color dopplers show and highlight the directions of the flow of blood.

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