EEG Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

Electroencephalography is the mode of sense to record the electrogram of scalps. This procedure is taken into account to observe the microscopic activity on the peripheral layer of the head. Numerous electrodes are placed into the scalp region to find the electron movement or electric sensation within that targeted region.

You can find the EEG test price in the last section of this article. Though, the article has been dedicated to letting you know the procedures before an EEG test and the complexities associated with the preparation. You can make yourself clear enough about the specifications and scientific explanation of the facts associated with the EEG test.

Your preparation

There is a preparation procedure before the test. You must have to be suggested or advised by any doctor to take the test. The test has basic paper works associated therein. It is a huge plus for the test-taking doctor if you get proper sleep while you are taking the test. It is often prescribed that you do not sleep the night before the day of taking the test. The thing is that you have to be enough sleep deprived which can make you sleep during the test.

It is also advised that you take a hair wash before the day of the test or there would be a washing section associated with the test room. If you have washed your hair before the day of the test, it would be much more coherent for the electrodes to adhere adjacent to the scalp or be stuck to the scalp.

The test

The technician would measure your different head regions with a mark of pencil or any other marker. This helps the technician to collect data from the exact specific targeted region of the head. As this is a test related to the brain and associated areas, it is mandatory to differentiate the lobes to fit the electrodes in the right specific regions.

A few electrodes with getting in its front would be attached to your scalp region. These gels are a bit sticky. You might feel a little bit of unsettlement or discomfort while taking the test. The electrodes are supposed to collect data by electron interference of the head and also a meager amount of electrons to settle adjustments.

You would be asked to sleep when the electrodes are set in your head and the processing unit starts taking the data. The test can last from twenty minutes to forty minutes. If the patient is asleep, the test can go for up to several hours.

Video capture is also gets taken while having the test. If different electron activity can change any muscle movement, it would be helpful for the doctor to prepare a more accurate result.

The electric signals beneath the scalp region are observed through this test. This test is advised for testing epilepsy and some psychological tests.

EEG test price in Bangladesh

The EEG test can be taken within a range of 2000 taka to 3000 taka. The square, lab aid can ask for the higher end. Popular diagnostics can provide you with a middle range.

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