Endoscopy Test Price in Bangladesh 2023

This is an informative article about endoscopy. The article contains scientific facts about endoscopy and also contains the price of this test. Endoscopy is a significant and modern-era test. The test has been developed to find out the actual and proper nature of the disease or disorder. Please follow along the article to know more about the endoscopy test. The later part of this article also has additional information about the test itself. If you want to know all the details, read throughout the article to find out more and have some proper knowledge from it.

If we need real-time images from inside the body of a human being, endoscopy can be a right answer. In this test, a framed wire is inserted into the body through hollow organs. The tip of the wire carries a miniature camera. After the insertion of the string, the progressive camera sends the image signal to the monitor in real-time. Many gastrovascular diseases and cavity parts are examined with the help of Endoscopy.

Where to take the Endoscopy test

This test is available in Bangladesh. You can go to nearby hospitals and diagnostic centers to take this test. The prices of this test may vary on the type of specialty of this test. Moreover, there is a chance of slight variation in rate if you are living in a different city. While the urban cities might offer the test at a slightly lower charge. Simultaneously, the remote areas also might ask for a higher charge as there is not the availability of this test in their vicinity.

The reason for which you might be advised for this test

The doctors recommend this test for a variety of reasons. The main reason or the most referred disease to take this test is for gastrovascular diseases. The urethral problem detection also needs this test. The probe is inserted into any cavity of the body and there are different types of probes for the different cavities of the body. Also, the probe has a camera in front and the probe is inserted with the help of a bendable wire.

Endoscopy test price in Bangladesh

Test Name Price (In BDT/Taka)
Video endoscopic sclerotherapy 7,500
Video endoscopic varicial band ligation 7,000
Video endoscopy 2,500
Video endoscopy and CLO test (DAROB) 2,600
Video endoscopy B/V (Front view and lateral view) 5,500
Video endoscopy of polypectomy (multiple) 18,000
Video endoscopy of polypectomy (single) 15,000
Video endoscopy of removal of foregone body 14,000
Video endoscopy of upper GIT 2,000- 3,000
Video endoscopic sclerotherapy 7,500
Endoscopic Glue Injection of Fundal Varix (A) 12000
ERCP and Papillotomy 20000
ERCP + NBT (A) 20000
Oesophegeal Dilatation of Balloon (Achelasia ) (A)(1823) 14000
Endoscopic Removal of Foreign body Coin/Pin-Safetipin/Meat bolus/Key (A) 16000
Endoscopic Removal of Foreign body Teeth (A) 20000
ERCP and Ascaris Extraction 32000
ERCP & Stone Extraction (DAROB) 28000
ERCP & Papilotomy (DAROB) 18000
ERCP and Stone Extraction 32000
EndoscopyRemoval of Foregone Body (R) 12000
ERCP + Papillotomy 15500
Endoscopic Removal of Foreign body Fish Bone/Meat Bone (A) 14000
ERCP and Stenting (A) 30000
Oesophegeal Dilatation of Balloon (CRE) 15000
ERCP Diagnostic (A) 13000


Additional Information

Endoscopy test is a modern generation test. The test might need anesthesia for the patients. The patient has to lie down on a bed or a gynecology chair to take the test. The lab attendant or the doctor handles the probe from outside. The probe is inserted into the throat to the abdomen or through a vaginal or anal opening. It might cause some pain and discomfort to the patient. For this reason, the doctor usually sedates the patient. In some minor cases, anesthesia is not provided, if the problem is in the near quarter.

This test has high accuracy. While the test is running, the doctor can view the live condition inside the body. The live viewing also helps the operator or doctor to guide the probe into the exact location of the problem.

Required Paperwork

There always involves some risk while taking the test and for reporting the test report, the authorization needs some paperwork to be done. This is done with a different depth of information in various diagnostic centers or hospitals. In some cases, the patient might need a range of paperwork to complete while in others, very few sets of data can satisfy the authority.

Moreover, in a few cases, diagnostic centers or hospitals can ask for consent while taking the test. Because, any test which involves any kind of sedation, can ask for the consent of the patient. The whole anesthesia process is a bit complicated and it is a common set of standards that, the authority can ask for consent from the patient. If the patient is severely ill, any other governing body or guardian can sign the consent form for the patient.

History of Endoscopy test

In the middle of the eighteenth century, people were performing sword swallowing for circus and showdowns. This procedure lit an idea in engineer and optician Charles Chevalier. He thought to see inside the body without any dissection. He thought of putting a light and a camera that would be pushed inside the human body simultaneously to get an image through the camera.

Though, having such miniature machinery was still a challenge back then. Like all the other significant discoveries, the problem got solved in 7th February 1855. With the help of mechanical engineering from Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Scotland), he helped build the first endoscopic machine and completed the test successfully. The first instance of this test was done through the urethra. Later, many advancements and editions have been made to this procedure and systematics.

Procurement of Endoscopy

Surgery with the help of endoscopy has made a huge statement in the medical world. The test is not limited to diagnosis only rather the advancement of science has made it possible to operate the endoscopy machine and perform surgery with the tip. The advancement is purely mechanical and computational advancement. Though, the advantage is provided in the medical sector.

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