Epic Healthcare Doctor List 2023

Epic Healthcare is a prestigious hospital in Chittagong. Due to being a commercial megacity of Bangladesh, Chittagong needs quality healthcare facilities and Epic Healthcare is providing its best in the medical sector. The address of Epic Healthcare is 19, K.B. Fazlul Kader Road, Panchlish, Chattogram.

The hospital is a bit on the higher side regarding finance. So, please think about your financial convenience before having treatment from there. Also, it is highly recommended that you should take a proper look at their brochures before having a treatment. You should consider talking with an executive before having any of the diagnostic tests or medical treatments or surgeries.

It is much more convenient nowadays that you can contact the hospital over phonecall. You can know about the doctor list of Epic Healthcare by making a phone call to the hospital. To satisfy your best interest, the phone numbers of Epic Healthcare are given beneath.

To call over the landline, you can dial any of the five official numbers of Epic Healthcare which is 0241355700-5. You just have to change the last digit from 0 to 5 for making a phone call if you get one of them busy or not receiving. You can either call the landline numbers from your cell phone or the land phone.

On top of these, you can also call via a cell phone or mobile phone. The official cell phone number of Epic Healthcare is 01984-499600. If you can not connect on this promptly, you can also dial their additional cell phone number, 01847-005345. Please consider adding +88, the country code of Bangladesh from making a phone call from abroad.

If you have any queries about their services, you can simply send them an email at <<info@epichcl.com>>. You have the option to suggest them some recommendations or you can suggest the authority about any upgrade if you wish. Emails are mainly used for long-term conversations or large messages. The discretion of emails is totally up to you. Also, if you have some emergency condition, you can call the phone numbers and call for an ambulance if necessary.

The hospital also has a diagnostic center associated with it which is a huge benefit for the patients. The diagnostic center is equipped with state-of-art diagnosis appliances. The most benevolence from the diagnostic center which you can get is that Epic Healthcare is supporting online reporting from the diagnostic center.

Upon completing your paperwork at the hospital, you might get prescribed a diagnosis. If you consider having the test from Epic Healthcare, you would get an online credential. When the test reporting time is complete, you can access their online forum. You have to log into their online reporting portal with your credentials. It means, you have to log in with your ID and password and you can see your diagnostic report. You can either print it from outside and show it to the doctor. Also, you can take a hard copy of your report and see the doctor.

It is also recommended that you take enough health measures for keeping your body fit and free from disease. You should take adequate food and keep an eye on your nutrition for maintaining your immunity. Your immunity mainly comes from vitamins and minerals. So, you should take enough vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy body and proper immunity.

Vitamin C is the main component that retains your immunity. Also, vitamin A and vitamin B are associated with the improvement of your immunity. You can get vitamin C mostly from fruits that are sour in taste. If you are low on your finance, you can consider having native fruit which you can buy from the local market. Vitamin C gets depleted from your body each day even if you have a larger amount at once. So, rather than having a large number of fruits at once, you should take them on a daily basis.

Too much sour food can also hamper your bowel movement, and stomach condition and create acidity. So, take an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein before having fruits. Taking fruits on an empty stomach can also be the reason for your gastrointestinal disease or an ulcer. Moreover, if you lack proper food amount, your immunity falls apart before have vitamins. So, make sure to complete at least 2,000 calories per day.

You do not necessarily have to buy costly food, but you can also maintain a proper diet with good nutrition planning. You should consult with a doctor for having a proper and balanced diet plan or nutrition plan. You have the liberty to have it for free from a Government hospital. Even if you think that it is not necessary for you but your children are supposed to suffer in the long run if they are deprived of food and nutrition.

There is also an important message which is, many consider saving their money for future disease treatment and lowering the value of their food intake. This would harm you both ways. You would definitely lose the vigor of your body and fall susceptible to diseases. It is applicable to any citizen of Bangladesh regardless of age or gender. So, the responsible and educated person of a family should think about their food quality including a reasonable amount of protein for the overall health and safety of the family.

In addition, you can not take a huge amount of proteins disregarding your physical conditions. If you only take proteins (like fish, meat, and pulses) and do not consider having fruits, your serum creatinine level would increase by a huge amount. It can finally hamper your internal organs like the kidney and the liver. You might take the serum levels lightly but the latter cost of these problems is beyond the maintenance of many citizens of Bangladesh.

So, an overall balance of foods should be maintained for a healthy family as a unit that can jointly create a healthy generation and nation comprehensively. The Government of Bangladesh has taken adequate steps to provide quality healthcare to distant and marginalized people. As a responsible citizen, you should obtain a quality diet plan for your family.

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