ETT Test Price in Bangladesh

There are many types of ETT tests according to their mode. The dimensional difference has changed recently. There is a 3D doppler mode available for performing ETT. Though 3D doppler modes are basically used for research purposes but in the diagnosis mode, 2D is the most convenient and accurate. There is a range of prices for this test and the price varies as per the procedure of the process.

In a few of these, the testing methodology is a bit longer or the exposure of frequency distribution is more. These specific tests are charged higher. Also in a few of tests, the people are exposed to different conditions and multiple types of data are taken. These tests might be a little complex to perform and the charges might end upon having some difference in the amount.

There is a bunch of information in this article about the test. Moreover, you can find scientific information of the ETT test. You can follow the article to know more about the test and the prices of this test.

Reason of Performing ETT Test

The ETT test is performed in few steps. There is a basic and preliminary test performed before the ETT test. This step is known as an echocardiogram. An echocardiogram is obtained in a complete resting state of the heart. The patient is given rest and an overall scanning is taken to obtain the frequency-driven imagery. When the echocardiogram is over, the heart is put in a bit more stressed situation. In general, people are put on a treadmill to walk.

A series of transducers are placed on different parts of the chest and a thorough image of the heart is taken on restless condition. After the stress, the patient is again put to rest, and the last image is taken after the heart returns to a complete resting position. The difference is measured to see if there is any abruption or anomaly within the different situations according to their resting state. If any of the forms are found not to be in standard state, the doctor has to observe it and find a conjecture to come upon for delivering treatment.

 Procedure of The Ultrasound Management

The whole imaging process is done upon the ultrasound emission and their timestamps. The probes used in the test are used to emit ultrasound frequency through the frontal part of it. The ultrasound is waved and the emission timestamp is taken. When the sound waves get through to the chest, it hits the wall of the heart and returns backward.

The difference of time between the emission and acception of the frequency is counted to measure the distance between the probe and the heart wall. These distances together provide imaging which has been the basic principle of the ETT test. The counted differences create a 2D or 3D image of the heart according to the nature of diagnostic tools.

ETT Test Price in Bangladesh

Name of Test Taka
2D M-mode 1,000
Color Doppler 2,000
Paediatric Color Doppler (Below 5 years) 2,500
Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI for CRT) 2,800
Paediatric Color Doppler (Under anesthesia) 3,000
Carotid Duplex 2,800
Peripheral Duplex (upper/lower limb) 3,000
Transoesophageal Echo (TEE) 3,500
Dobutamine Stress Echo (DSE) 4,000
3D Echo for SVR 2,800

What if The Test Is Not Normal

It might be a scenario that, the heart condition is not found right. The ETT test might suggest an abnormal shape of the heart. This result might be caused by the difference in the quantity or speed of the blood flow within the heart. If the flow of blood is more, the patient might be facing high blood pressure or on the verge of heart failure.

The intensity of more blood flow would be also counted if the changed state is found on a frequent timestamp rather than the normal one. Low blood pressure can also result in the failure of the patient’s stress test. Moreover, some aberration of the heart wall or unexpected heart shape also could be found.

Cardiac Diagnosis

The ETT is a very useful tool in cardiac diagnosis. This is also known as the cardiac stress test. The main method of this test is detecting the cardiopulmonary reaction of the heart as per the exertion limit. When the heart goes through a stressed condition, the response of blood flow increases in quantity within the heart and provides more oxygen to the head and the body. This is a natural reaction of the cardiac aorta.

While the pulmonary being collect all the blood containing CO2 from the body. If the exertion process is very dense in condition, the body is supposed to create more amount of CO2 within the body. If the condition is apparent from the natural reaction body, the patient might get a failure report in the stress diagnosis. This is a reason to worry or makes the patient subjected to get medical attention from the healthcare practitioner.

More to The Cardiac Tests

The most recent and state-of-the-art technology for imaging the heart is known as myocardial perfusion scanning and imaging. This test is taken to illustrate the heart muscle function through the help of nuclear medicine.

Prologue of The ETT Test

In previous times, the distance of the seabed was measured from the ship inside sea areas to suggest the anchoring area or to satisfy any research. Later, it was found that ultrasound frequency can pass through the peripheral region of the body and hit back while it is deflected from certain tissues. The frequent emission of these rays is marked by time simultaneously with the response timestamp of the throwback echo. The difference within these times is taken as a singular type of length data and all these distances were used to define the heart shape.

Though, in recent times, science has made such advancements that 3D images are also being formed with the help of high-tech transducers. Another implementation in this test is called a color doppler. This technology is used to print out colored imaging which gives additional information about the blood movement within the heart.

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